Live from Kyalami Grand Part 3 DC going out in Red Bull F1 car At Kyalami 1 day ago   06:49

Live from Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit where the AutoTrader COTY 2019 finalists are being put through their paces. #AutoTraderCOTY2019 SAGMJ, PentaMotorGroup

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Josh Spies
Will South Africa ever see a grand prix again?
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Part 3 DC going out in Red Bull F1 car At Kyalami Live from Kyalami Grand 1 day ago   17:48

Here is a great clip of when DC went out in the Red Bull F1 car at Kyalami in 2010. Take note how much wheel spin he gets when he does the drag races. This is done for effect to provide better competition for the motorbike. He could have done a traction control launch that would have seen a faster pull away but then he would have pulled more on the bike. Also take note that this car was not setup for this track in any way with regard to downforce or gears etc so he could have been a lot faster if that was done. Anyway still fun to see how quick it is and how things looked from this perspective.