Top 10 Must Visit American Cities Top 10 Best Airports in The World 5 months ago   08:00
These are the top tourist destinations brought to you by way of the U.S. of A. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 must-visit American cities. Check us out at, and Also, check out the trivia section for this video:

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Russian Cyborg
Chicago’s on here?! We had 1,000 shootings and 400+ where killed.
Adrien Goudail
#who dat ♥️⚜️ Nola my home town
David Thompson
Why Gotham city isn't there in the list ??
Youtube Gammer
i want to go there from🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩😭😭😭
London Brooks
Amazing tourism. Please visit Indonesia tourism too. Visit my channel and you will know my the best object there.
Entertiamant shiva
wow super vedeo
evereything is super
Indriyas McDowell
This is bull shit. San Diego is not a part of Los Angeles. San Diego is America’s finest city.
venkatesh Sakthi
Americas are very lucky
Thomas Dupont
Last time i went to the USa, i saw all the time ugly and obese people. Where are the Jhonny Depp and Brad Pitt lol ^^
tAsK__codkid 101
What about Philly
Addy Joe
No country in the world has got that many cities as america. Usa is huge 😄
justin case
Los Angeles ? Yeah if you like weirdo's cops an gang bangers, it's the most creapyest city iv lived in in the world, iv literally seen ghost an zombies in santa Monica, malabu, an Hollywood, ppl are paranoid there, middle schools, high school hold the geness world record for std's ppl are rude an buligerent, a lot of hit an runs, it's well over populated an mostly all the girls are under cover prostitutes on the side, well painted over slum lord city
justin case
I like the fact that they chose Las Vegas as #6 great city lot of nice locals but it's also very racist, not only against blacks because blacks don't spend big money but Hispanics an homeless ppl.the police target black males , throw them in jail for as little as j walking, while they believe if they get rid of blacks "white" will feel more comfortable spending his hard earned stollen dollars, There's a lot of homeless ppl living in horrible living conditions, like in reservoir draining tunnels, alleys an private property, the city does very little if any to help them, while city an state tax paying $ help support drug trafficking, marijuana dispensaries, an prostitution, it's a fake hospitality social conspiracy to get ppl to spend unnecessary money because most tourists come from boring places an don't have much Imagination to know how to have fun, over the last 4 years I've lived here I've seen a major dip the gambling error, a lot of ppl just like to party an drink, a lot of places an shows are way over priced, the food is great but again way over priced, while there's a lot of ppl who just come here to party on the weekend's it's a very segregated place to play, the rich are atfraid to walk on the streets, paranoid someone will recognize them an Rob them or worse so they come out only in the day time.
Jackson Wheeler
Other cities
Atlanta GA
Philadelphia PA
Memphis TN
San Diego CA
St. Louis MO
Indianapolis IN
Detroit MI
Cleveland OH
Minneapolis MN
Cincinnati OH
Portland OR
Dallas TX
Charlotte NC
Savanna GA
Grand Rapids MI
Kansas City MO
Jacksonville FL
Columbus OH
Pittsburgh PA
Houston TX
El Paso TX
Virginia Beach VA
Scranton PA
Omaha NE
Reno NV
Salt Lake City UT
Charleston SC
Naples FL
Des Meinos IO
Ann Arbor MI
Corpus Cristi TX
Atlantic City NJ
Louisville KY
Oklahoma City OK
Phoenix AZ
Toucan AZ
Oakland CA
Berliner Stadtschloss
4.45 min.: Just look at that dumb, drunken hippo - they tell me to fly around the world to visit New Orleans, for example, and I will run into these caricatures of human beings.God help me, if I would.
30 seconds
love lasvegas.....
Alex Bedolla
Salt lake city should be on here absolutely beautiful
Rainbwoah Cries
Who else thought of “WHAT EVER HAPPEN TO THE NEWSPAPER AND MILK MAN LEAVIN TV” when you seen the Golden Gate Bridge ?
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Top 10 Best Airports in The World Top 10 Must Visit American Cities 5 months ago   09:30

Top 10 Best Airports in The World

For this list, we’re ranking airports around the world, by considering things like aesthetics and hospitality… Oh and efficiency too, because wherever we are, let’s keep things moving.

00:29 #10. Kuala Lumpur International Airport
01:15 #9. Taoyuan International Airport
02:10 #8. Heathrow Airport
02:53 #7. Zürich Airport
03:40 #6. Dubai International Airport
04:21 #5. Hong Kong International Airport
05:17 #4. Tokyo International Airport [aka Haneda Airport]
06:05 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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