Teaching English in Korea - Application Budgeting for Your First Month 2 days ago   04:56

Alrighty. I tried to be as factual and non-opinionated/biased as possible. My memory is a little foggy as this was all over a year ago for me.. To sum it all up - I applied through ACLIPSE. ALSO to add - you do NOT need TEFL !!!!


your pay depends on your credentials / education level / experience, so it would help you get some extra mulaa

I might do a follow up video to talk about training week and stuff once you get to Korea.. let me know if any of you would be interested in that! :)

Happy Easter!

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Dub Agent mahlatse
Good stuff must leave South Africa 2020
ejay meimban
Hey beautiful ma'am ♥️ how about us? I'm a Filipino and I have strong desire to teach English in Korea probably next month, and I had bachelor's degree I took up bachelor of secondary education major in English so what should I need to be done here in Philippines before applying as an English teacher in Korea or what will be my preparations since I don't have any teaching experience here in Philippines I'm just a fresh graduate.
Korresha Walker
Did you have to take TEFL or did you already have your teaching degree? If you needed TEFL, were you able to go go ahead and interview then do TEFL?
Marghazar vines
Hey can you help me out...
capuna Abubakari
Can I be your friend??
PeloPineapple Mariba
Hey I’m at the interview stage, and nervous as hell... What is the interview process like.. Can you provide tips on the questions they are more likely to ask
Nesma Hamdy
Is it necessary that Eng is ur mother tongue?
Sunnii Pim
Is there a contract? Less than 1 year contract?
Are u Ethiopian
Why do most of Ethiopians have kinda indian looks?
Pookie Justin
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natalie novak
but what type of teacher like for you to teach the english language for korean kids or just any type of teacher?
I am curious do I have to speak korean to teach english? and do they apply for people.from the netherlands^^ lile i am really.good speaking/writing/reading etc. but i heard thT they dont accept people that are not from Au, US, Africa etc
Bob Cheers
Check out our latest podcast on teaching abroad in Korea and let us know what you think https://soundcloud.com/cheerstoeducation/episode-13-travel-and-teach-in-korea
Monet Babazadeh
Should I get finish my TEFL certification before I go through a recruiter
Put Putri A
Are you teaching english in korean language?
Does your degree classification or grade matter? Thanks
I don’t plan to go to college. Do you have to?
shari iverson
What type of degree?
I'm Ayla
do I need to be a native speaker?
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Budgeting for Your First Month Teaching English in Korea - Application 2 days ago   12:32

Hi guys! I know this was a lot of information, without even any real answers, but that's just kinda how it goes. Everyone's expereinces will be very different so it's hard to give out hard numbers!

I hope have everyone has a great week!

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