Mr. Resetti Made Redundant! Animal 100 Facts About Animal Crossing 2 days ago   01:16

No more Resettin'! The new auto save feature in Animal Crossing New Horizon replaces the need for Mr Resetti's angry lectures about turning the system off without saving. What's the mole got in store next? We'll find out soon!


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Deion Greenaway
Thank god😒👍
Tre washington
Fuck you resetti!
Won't constant saving shorten the lifespan of the switch™ ?
Thomas Zhao
"Dang newfangled millenial technology! It took my jerb!"
Mario Mythes
That thumbnail is all I came for! 😂
The one who makes them definitely needs a raise.
Paul Taylor
Mr. Resetti for President!
RedBoat Offical
Resetti: *exists*
Autosave: It's free real estate
I'm glad, I hated Resetti
I wonder what his new job will be... A miner?
Christopher Garcia
> autosave feature so you can't try to cheat the system

This is truly the Dark Souls of animal crossing
Alexander Bunny Bun
"Auto save feature takes away job of Angry Mole" is so funny without context. 😂
Dan Washington
Soon Robots will take over all of our jobs leaving Hundreds or even thousands unemployed, this is just a prime example.
This does not seem to meet your names policy
If it AutoSaves what the point o floating this game when I can just love my fuckin life
Reset to must be in this game some way! I enjoyed his rants
Dominic Gunderson
Automation really out here taking jobs
Odyssey gamer 2000
Undead WalUwUgi
There better be a way to turn off autosave. It always felt great to finish off the long hard day by heading home.
Burhan Munir
Whoever makes the thumbnails deserves a raise
Luigi's Memes
How to save Mr. Resetti:

Press Home and press X then press A
Can we just appreciate that Thumbnail?
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100 Facts About Animal Crossing Mr. Resetti Made Redundant! Animal 2 days ago   24:18

Animal Crossing New Horizons is fantastic. So fantastic in fact that I have gathered 100 facts about the game to parade in front your your anxious eyes! Here's to the next 9 months of painful waiting!