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Taylor Swift Shopping In Tribeca | Taylor Swift Interview 2014: - At Up-Tube.com

Taylor Swift shopping in Tribeca Taylor Swift Interview 2014: 1 day ago   02:20

#TaylorSwift shopping in Tribeca and then strolling through the streets of New York City while Photographers take her Picture . #swiftie

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Upscale Avenue
I can't imagine having to deal with half a dozen strangers following me with their cameras every time I left my house. It's really a terrible lifestyle when you think about it. I would feel like a display animal at the zoo or something.
Maureen Kitty
Taylor is such an angel. I don't know why she says she has a "bad reputation". And if yes, why??
LittleLily1243 :3
Pablo Quennesson Ribeiro de Oliveira
The security is a dick . When Taylor smiles because one of her fan say " i love you " , security say " hey" as it's a threat . When Lana del Rey just want sign autographs, security say " we are too late" . Too late for what ? Drinking cherry cola and sleep underneath coconuts trees ?
I know there are here to protect celebrities ways but it's not a good reason to threat someone because he say " I love you" and try to talk with his idol. Damn it !!!
єκο-l 0⃣4⃣
Lol In korea celebrities they can't stand there a crazy fans while in america the paparazzi
Hailey Earls
How many pictures do you NEED
Anonymous !
I like that she put headphones on
politiks Brasil
LOL Taylor is the one who calls all those paps, not even people on the street recognize her
Jana Zounkova
Nice 💜 💜
Iam Matrix
I will kill all those stalking motherfuckers
Christian ChimChim
She is sooo patient.what a babe💛
Marton Steve
That must be annoying...
Jaynner oswldo Iguaran ospino
Hey baby
Nevada Dan
I could NEVER imagine living that life.. I make a measly $125,000 a year and I'm completely content. But, then again, I actually died as a result of an electrocution accident and crossed over to the spiritual realm. What do I know? I can chose THIS dimension or the other, easy choice!!
Lane Shaeffer
This honestly makes me so mad. Such a nice girl she deserves better
A shiny pokemon
Raven Evergreen
I'd really love if the fans formed a wall to protect Taylor from these assholes. I for one would be trying to get in the way of the paparzzi.
Hanna Katrina
Taylor is the best!!!!
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Taylor Swift Interview 2014: Taylor Swift shopping in Tribeca 1 day ago   05:49

The pop superstar talks about the new music video and her friendships.