Taylor Swift shopping in Tribeca 5 months ago   02:20

#TaylorSwift shopping in Tribeca and then strolling through the streets of New York City while Photographers take her Picture . #swiftie

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Indra Pardosi
I'm so afraid that there is people that ready to shoot her with a gun, you know what i mean, the guns hiding everywhere
charles single
The thing I don't understand is why she said to the group of people at the corner intersection " I'm so sorry " I mean it's not her fault that she's a big star . I mean it would be like me saying " Oh , well excuuuuuuse me for playing the guitar . Like, its not my fault I love playing the guitar " ( by the way that's a 'Steve Martin Excuuuuuuse me' ) But seriously !!!! Why is Taylor Swift apologizing to thoughs people . Unless she's apologizing on behalf of the paparazzi's ????
Jo Dalinkus
You got dead natural look here, dazzle those New Yorkers , create more Swifties.
Sivadier Etienne
Plusieurs années que je connais cette vidéo et toujours aussi blasé par ce cirque pathétique pour cette meuf inintéressante...
Très belle architecture par contre dans la rue Franklin Street et les appartements où elle habite. Quand on a le fric...
Jayson Lee
2:06 when the paparazzi turned around wrongly. HAHA
paparazzis sucks!
Hudan LoveMayflower
Her face looks annoyed but i like how she smiles at her fans not those annoying camera
Tony Chen
lol this is harassment.

likes how she knows its the right thing to do to smile at the male fans though.

Paparazzi annoy the shit out of her fans increase her self esteem and makes her feel important
Upscale Avenue
I can't imagine having to deal with half a dozen strangers following me with their cameras every time I left my house. It's really a terrible lifestyle when you think about it. I would feel like a display animal at the zoo or something.
Maureen Almudena
Taylor is such an angel. I don't know why she says she has a "bad reputation". And if yes, why??
LittleLily1243 :3
P Maybe
The security is a dick . When Taylor smiles because one of her fan say " i love you " , security say " hey" as it's a threat . When Lana del Rey just want sign autographs, security say " we are too late" . Too late for what ? Drinking cherry cola and sleep underneath coconuts trees ?
I know there are here to protect celebrities ways but it's not a good reason to threat someone because he say " I love you" and try to talk with his idol. Damn it !!!
єκο-l 0⃣4⃣
Lol In korea celebrities they can't stand there a crazy fans while in america the paparazzi
Hailey Earls
How many pictures do you NEED
Anonymous !
I like that she put headphones on
politiks Brasil
LOL Taylor is the one who calls all those paps, not even people on the street recognize her
Jana Zounkova
Nice 💜 💜
Iam Matrix
I will kill all those stalking motherfuckers
Christian ChimChim
She is sooo patient.what a babe💛
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Taylor Swift shopping in Tribeca 5 months ago   12:23