The Lion King Official Teaser The Lion King: The Making of a Walt 3 weeks ago   01:33

Walt Disney Studios
Disney's The Lion King opens in theatres July 19, 2019.

From Disney Live Action, director Jon Favreau’s all-new “The Lion King” journeys to the African savanna where a future king must overcome betrayal and tragedy to assume his rightful place on Pride Rock.

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R-rated this time please
Eric Cartman
Am I the only who came after watching the Kim Possible trailer?
Revi M Fadli
Huh, another one of Disney's look-guys-our-CGI-isn't-just-for-cartoons safe-bet reboot?

Won't be surprised if they make Timon & Pumba gay parents
Why can’t Disney do anything original anymore?
bru bru lani
Hakuna Matata. what are you going to do? Sue me? Dirty greedy vermin
I want to press like more than once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Akif chaudhry
Do you know lion king and baabualli has same story
Carlos Rodriguez
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ulquiorra 23
Simba 😂😂
Mighty P
I thought this could be nice until i saw Seth Rogen.
Beka Akhmetov
Another soulless remake (
math yew
Am I supposed to be excited? I’m 25 and I’ve never seen Lion King.
Ryan Bob19
Wakanda needs this vocal
Cafe China
Can't wait to see how Nala and Scar looks!!!
Jasmine Merriel
Emad Ali
24 Years In The Making.
ayush kulkarni
0:41 what is the name of the song
whitney netter
Omg this is gon b sooo lit!!!!
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The Lion King: The Making of a Walt The Lion King Official Teaser 3 weeks ago   12:22

An exclusive behind-the-scenes look hosted by Robert Guillaume. From the deluxe VHS edition released in March 1995 (not seen on the 2003 special edition DVD).