Dale Earnhardt Jr. Writes a letter Inside JR Motorsports – One Big Family (S9E2) 3 months ago   05:02

John  Ernst
Dale Jr had written a letter a 16 year old self

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Peter like a rock In our Lord Jesus
You need to stop dwelling on things Dale. Move on.
George Edwards
people Goin to say what they say,but you didn't ride daddy's coattails.i know you may have misunderstood him when you were young but he raised you hard to make you the man you've become.trust me,their is NOTHING like the love a father feels for his son.if he would have just let u go and give you everything,you wouldn't b the MAN u r today.IM SURE SR. IS PROUD OF JR..
Roxanne Moser
*out of tissue
SJ-M m
This is awesome!
Steven Noel
He might not have done everything his dad did but he became his own person and never took anything for granted
Connie Nixon
Dale Jr I watched you win the Busch Championships twice and you made a valiant effort in the Winston, then Nextel, then Sprint and now the Monster cup series. Thank you for the Ride
Eli S
You know at 3:56 that's Denny Hamlin right? Dale Jr. isn't even in the top 5.
JOSEPH #TruckersForTrump Gardiner #TruckersForTrump
Dale Earnhardt Jr your a good son to your Father and mother , your Father groomed you well, he is very proud of you and your team and I believe he's watching over you and you feel his presence. I have lost my brother and he was like a father to me. I feel your pain. my highschool class mate was your pit crew coach the Last time you won the Daytona 500 his name is Lance M from Warren Pennsylvania. I am so sorry for your loss.
Taylor Stickle
that's a good speech Dale... your dad is watching u everyday...
Dylan Brucker
Anyone know the song at 3:22
Dennis Pyke
Dale Jr. Is every bit the driver dale Sr. Was...
Aaron McCall
Dale would be proud of the man his son is today. Dale Jr. is a heck of a human being.
Scott Hall
When I came across this I had to watch much respect for you, you don't even play baseball but you hit it home run.
Bo Dinger
that was beautiful
Dale JR your always gonna be my favorite NASCAR driver, I hope you win every single week! but this was a touching memorial to your younger self. Race on JR! race on!
Tom Cortis
That was incredible i think my favorite driver just changed my life time to write the letter thanks jr for everything your the best jr nation RULES
elliott duhs
brought a tear to my eye
Future Trucking Kiddo
umm is ur caps lock having a sezer?
Future Trucking Kiddo
he is a very little baby whiny bitch fuck kyle
Stevil Reagan
Very impressive. Truly a class act and an honorable man, NASCAR is lucky to have him.
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Inside JR Motorsports – One Big Family (S9E2) Dale Earnhardt Jr. Writes a letter 3 months ago   04:26

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