Here's Why the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the Perfect Doug DeMuro’s Take on New Cars 1 week ago   10:25

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I know you can't compare the two....but I have several fast cars...and my daily driver is a 1999 Town Car. I LOOOVE driving that car! Super comfortable....great ride...and for its moves!
Bob White
What was the mileage on the Rolls at the time of purchase?
Mister Methuselah
You brought up a very good point. Most people are buy SUVs for utility, but if you look at most SUVs, they're just jacked up cars. They are just getting better visibility but not much utility.
Derek Holmberg
Sweet new garage
Bogdan Simandan
Have you read this article?
Ross Vinnitsky
6mpg or less in that thing? and the parts are crazy expensive
Still wondering why their isn't a rolls phantom with model s/x drive train.
West Tennesee Storm Chasers
Wow, wish I could go to school in a Rolls Royce
Not worried about aluminum in salt - uh. OK.
Gary Johnson
That's a burly ride!
Deniz Gurlersan
my friend its Roof. not Ruf. Roof.
your daughter didn't know she had no school?
Yea 1inch... we just got 40cms
mike anderson
Lewis Job
YEESSS THE ROADMASTER I just got one and HOLY MOLY talk about comfort
Matthew Porter
You and James May have similar thoughts on big cars
1:10 no but it will damage the pain alot and the alu will corrode. nice car tough
Jeffrey Colten
This video would of easily been 20 minutes long if you showed the footage of you trying to get out of those God damn foam pits
lucious brun
I don't disagree with ur words, but ur use of resources is beyond obscene, it is sinful. You see to your own sin. Bye.
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Doug DeMuro’s Take on New Cars Here's Why the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the Perfect 1 week ago   10:51

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