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Here's Why The Rolls-Royce Phantom Is The Perfect | Doug Demuro’S Take On New Cars - At Up-Tube.com

Here's Why the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the Perfect Doug DeMuro’s Take on New Cars 2 months ago   10:25

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Ignacio Romero
I'd buy a 1994 Civic and move out of the Ice/snow with the money Id be saving
SilverLimey 79
I enjoy watching your videos. Just subbed. 👍👍
potatocubes 30875
Yeah, we need a car for comfort!
Badr Radi
This car only suits criminal kingpins sorry
Angel Arroyo
Are you a narco?
the kids were not impressed 😂😂
Antwun Barbary
David Wilkerson
For a wagon, I remember those Roadmasters were nice! Saw a cream puff here in Denver a few weeks ago
DASHCAM Malaysia
Your new house beside power cables not very good
Alan Senior
hi alan from england
i had a 1996 audi 80 2.6 cabriolet for the last 10 years and have just sold it and bought a 2011 e350 cabriolet se (not the amg line) and to me its like a small land yacht. beautiful smooth ride with all the extras. the relaxed feel of it just makes you want to cruise in it not hustle into corners or floor it on motorways, so i agree with Hoovies comments, Obviously im terrified if the electrics go wrong LOL
Влади Цветков
You should really get a hold on a citroen c6
Brian Ross
here is an idea to bring back the land yacht. Look at a Chevy Caprice from the mid 90's.....and go from there. Modernize as needed, but use those bones.
Quang Luu
Why the interior look so dated?
j freed
This is the only car that gets away with being a parody of itself.
W Pringle
Amazing silence in the car. There was no difference between him talking in front of the car and while driving it..
William Weaver
What do you do to have all this money?
Comfy Sunday
Your daughter arrives at school with a rolls lucky
I so wish I had this!!
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Doug DeMuro’s Take on New Cars Here's Why the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the Perfect 2 months ago   10:51

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