Here's Why the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the Perfect Doug DeMuro’s Take on New Cars 6 months ago   10:25

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Just get a Lincoln Town Car
4wd some
“American land yatch’s like this”

*Shows British car*

“People who have lifted 4wd 3 row, lots of storage space as soon as there is an inch of snow”

*“went to get into my lifted landcruiser”*
Clayton Jordan
Cadillac needs to bring back the DTS, but this time without the Northstar
Allen Wang
It seems like the perfect car for you is the phantom 8, it’s got tech and lux
Kristina Bradshaw
I like Tht Rolls-Royce. U right abt the big cars I got a 1970 Buick 225 2 door it’s big that’s what I love about it . I will like to one day get a Rolls Royce Phantom from 2003 -2016 I onw a lot of cars the Phantom is my dream car great video.
Cornelius Dr Vanderbilt
the Perfect Family Car
Well it used to be, not any more. I come from a Roller family ...I drove my first Rolls at age 16+ ..1958 ...the last 1996 ... a Camargue favourite. .I really do not know as why any dumb-head would buy a Rolls Royce, especially Phantom or Wraith? Rolls Royce was 'the Engine'...the quietest thing under the bonnet / hood ...NO MORE! Rolls Royce Engines are the epitome of Aviation ...costing US$ 6o millions ...each ...
PRESTIGE: Well, may be? But only to the ill-informed. I would rather buy a VW Phaeton instead of a Bentley and MBW 760 instead of a Rolls ...Sadly, most people who buy such cars consider to belong to the Upper Crust ...little they know that they are shunned by the Real ...You have to have the right Accent, Vocabulary, Phraseology and Demeanor to be accepted ...
An extremely wealthy Texan, visiting the Rochester Hotel, wanted to know the place of the toilet. Here is verbatim: ''Hey, John where is the John?''
''Well, sir,'' replied the Attendant: ''If you walk straight, you shall find a door with ''Gentlemen'', written on it, ignore it, go right in.''
Sorry, we Europeans are a sperm worshiping people, oblivious that the world has advanced ...
What about hyundai equus?
Dat aznman
Uploaded on my birthday. A video about a Rolls Royce by Hoovies Garage. WOW
Jeep Dude
Go test drive the Grand Cherokee Overland. American made, comfy heated/cooled seats, leather dash, air ride suspension, 4 wheel drive, room for cargo, reliable 5.7 V8, impressive towing capacity.... All for around $55K for a fully optioned model.
You don’t have to take my word for it, test drives are free.
Bill M.
I'm a bit surprised that an automobile such as this wouldn't have better looking seats and steering wheel.
Can we get an update on the Rolls Royce
Sorry getting boring plus all the adds ....try and beef your stuff up please ...
George Coleman
What do you do for a living that you can afford all this shit.
How can he afford all this shit and yet he is always losing thousands on these cars?
natalie portman
That thing is 3.66 ton heavy, no wonder it consumes gasoline like jumbo jet
Justin Neal
The perfect family car is the car that you can afford lol
Jochen Stacker
Take a drink every time he says Landyacht
rajat Dubey
But it not has stars on it
A half a million views and only 13K of you liked the video???!!!!!! - don't be so stingy with your likes.....they're free!....LIKE or Don't Watch!
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Doug DeMuro’s Take on New Cars Here's Why the Rolls-Royce Phantom is the Perfect 6 months ago   10:51

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