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3 Devilish Dice Tricks W/ Diamond | How To Open Bicycle Locks Without - At Up-Tube.com

3 Devilish Dice Tricks w/ Diamond How to Open Bicycle Locks Without 1 day ago   11:35

Scam Nation
With just three die, you can do these three devilish closers and score yourself a free drink.

Thanks to Diamond Jim Tyler for joining us! Check out his Bamboozler series of books: https://www.scamstuff.com/products/bamboozlers
And shout out for Rex Williams from Whiskey Tribe for joining us again! See more of Rex at http://youtube.com/whiskeytribe
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This video made by:
Brian Brushwood
Brandt Hughes
Bryce Castillo
John Rael

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#Closers #Dice #Coleslaw

Comments 94 Comments

0:22 aa-12 shoots that way
This is the best episode ever
Ok how is his book $1000 USED on Amazon?
I hate to be that guy, but that giant smile of Jim's always has such a fakeness about it. Very "used car salesman".
Pablo R.
I’d love to see y’all in person. From San Antonio, but frequently go to Austin. Huge fan
Melchior Tod
I got the polarbear one instantly. Was it luck or is it actually so easy?
Jared Gustilo
Great video, have you done one on the doomsday algorithm used as a magic trick.
Abel Alejandro
Stop having Rex Williams on the show.

He’s such a tool
The first one is simple is 7+7+7-top number. As any opposing faces of a fair dice are n+1 which is 7 for a cube.

The second one uses spit or beer as seen and showed before on Scam School.

The last one had the most agonizing Scam School video ever and you never thaught it.
Anthony Novak
love the nickname coleslaw. gonna call my kids that
I figured out the first two, but the third one got me. I like that one.
Armyaloof TV
Were not even allowed to say the word “Dice” in school because it “Promotes gambling”
Scott B
Ha ha ha ha! At Brian singing "The Touch"!!
I picked up on the Petals Around a Rose!
Shawn McDowell
You guys rock.
Jonathan Gutierrez
The second I close the YouTube app I'm gonna forget how to do these tricks 😭
Типичный Негодяй [Modern Rogue на русском]
Where did the original Coleslow joke come from? The was it before or afterr the "Game on, coleslaw"?
In the beginning of the vid I didn't see Diamond Jim look at the top die....was it just edited that way or did he sneak a peek?
I "discovered" the first trick some time ago (I called it "the Moscow dice" because it was inspired by reading "The Moscow Puzzles"). My variation is that you get members of the audience to sum all visible pips. I find it looks more impossible. But it does involve a number of calculations that the audience may not be able to handle without errors...
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How to Open Bicycle Locks Without 3 Devilish Dice Tricks w/ Diamond 1 day ago   08:47

You don't need any tools, you just need the lock and some fingers. This method is scary simple.

This is a continuation from our previous episode about opening padlocks!
- https://up-tube.com/upvideo/i72txptZoY4

For more Scam School, find Brian in all these social media places:
- http://twitter.com/scamschool
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- http://google.com/+shwood

This episode of Scam School was made by these stellar individuals:
• Brian Brushwood
• Jon Tilton
• Brandt Hughes
• Bryce Castillo
• Roberto Villegas

Shot on location at Moontower Saloon in Austin, TX