How to back up a trailer like a pro - EASY Tractor Trailer Backing & Turning 1 year ago   07:58

The Burb Billy
Watch "How to back up a trailer like a pro", learn with just a few minutes of practice!!!
Special thanks to Martin from MJLorton on YouTube and for stepping in and helping out with this one!!!

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John Cornellier
Back up part starts at 3:25. Good job hiding your tag. YouTube is monitored by The Lizard People.
Tip: twist the chains to take up the slack.
Thanks for the tips.
MGTOW Cowboy
Laughing at all the comments that are over complicating shit. Your advice of putting your hands on the bottom are dumby proof and the most effective! Thanks, brother!
Warren Bazinet
Very helpful. Good job on teaching
D Dubs
mat goody
go left , push left !
Great tips. MJ is amazing on his electronics.
Sidney Farmerboy
I am ten I can back up with a ride on mower into a shed
derp derp
Im watching this now after looking like a jackass for about 3 mins. THE BOTTOM, damnnnnnn it why was I messin around on the top
Phillip Ramz
Bully Ray Dudley knows his trailer's..
Mike S
Interesting visual at 0:40
Real Jeep
Why do you blur out your license plate? You know people can see it when you drive down the road?
I've been divorced a couple of times, but never "unengaged". I know what "disengaged" means, but not unengaged, which you said two times. Maybe I'm not edumumcated enough.
Otherwise, thanks for the tutorial, which I should have seen and learned from BEFORE my first time with a small motorcycle trailer, half a month ago.
Jason Hall
Seth Henry
Great video! I bought my first boat and last weekend I struggled backing up the trailer. I’ve never driven a trailer before. Thanks for all the tips
He’s an SVP
Absolute Rideshare
Goose McGee
Thanks man, my anxiety levels just dropped 95%. 👍
Good tip I just looked like an asshole for 20 minutes in front of all my neighbours trying to get a jetski into my driveway
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Tractor Trailer Backing & Turning How to back up a trailer like a pro - EASY 1 year ago   09:46

So a lot of people ask me about how to make turns and get setup for a backing maneuver. So I made this video with a toy truck to kinda show you guys the angles. Let me know what ya think. Also check out this link below on how its done in real life.

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