Grading the NFL's 20 BIGGEST Free Every Throw & Run from Johnny 5 months ago   16:40

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Another year, another thrilling NFL free agent period.

As usual, teams went about shoring up their roster weaknesses by throwing money around left, right and center. If you were a safety, linebacker, pass rusher or offensive lineman, then congratulations! You earned a huge payday.

We’ll need a year or two or three to determine how these free agent signings pan out. But it’s never too early to play the fun game, and we think we know which guys will succeed and flop with their new teams.

Today we present our grades for the 20 biggest signings of 2019 NFL free agency.

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Host + Editor: Jason Biondo
Writer: Alex Hoegler

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Which NFL team do you think won in NFL free agency this year????
Bryan Escalona
How was glass boy Mathieu better grade than Joyner?
Onesie Max
Mike Daniels?
FutureMvp TTV
Nigga why do you guys dislike offensive players😭😭
Chase Williams
The year is 2024. Robert Kraft has passed and in his will leaves ownership to Tom Brady. Bellicheck remains head coach till 2025 when he finally retires
Christopher Zamora
A.B. is the number one trade...
Christopher Zamora
Someone wants to kiss Aaron frogers nuttz!!! This sport show sucks...
Christopher Zamora
Everybody did good except wen it comes to the raiders!!! Haha fawk them haters...
Perry Plays
take a drink for every ad
MDZ Bearr
i love how he says the giants o line sucks but this season is the best o line we’ve had in 8 years
FaZe DrollerElm
5:24-5:25 he said what
Kolton Reitz
Adrian Amos is shit why does everyone think he's good oh I know BC the packers are overrated way way overrated
B Smith98
What about cole Beasley to the bills
Alex Curkeet
6:50 he said the Green Bay defense was very good last year ok guy 😂
Kay Mann
Stripped away from context or not; "we think Gruden couldve paid more for a better player", dayum thats some quality insight.... :P
Soz yt's buffering an im bored n pxssed.
Hope ur all good.
Cristian Rivera
Diego Imbert
Dolphins resign xavien Howard
Simba Lion
The second I see this guy I turn my volume down sense apparently he thinks it’s a yelling match. About to not watch videos he hosts until he learns to control the volume of his voice
Tameer Carter
Randall Cobb
Just Adab
Whoever does the mixing, can you please clean up the sounds when u present player names? The low end is really nasty
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Every Throw & Run from Johnny Grading the NFL's 20 BIGGEST Free 5 months ago   02:22

Every run and throw from quarterback Johnny Manziel's AAF debut with the Memphis Express in their Week 7 matchup with the Birmingham Iron.

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