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Harry Marcopolos claims to have discovered Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme before anyone else. Rebecca Jarvis profiles Marcopolos and his nearly decade-long attempt to expose the fraud to the SEC.

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Dan Floros
Takes a Greek to shine a light into the darkness... since antiquity
Rajat Sahni
So have you found ur calling watching this ?
A Zambrano
We lost 7.4 million, I am homeless and I know what starvation means
Johm Smith
Id have killed him
Andre Williams
How come the average person in the public was not aware of this to,? Why wasn't the public aware of this oh,
Andre Williams
How could they not listen to Harry??? A guy like that comes to me and tells me about some impropriety I'm going to jump on that right away I'm going to investigate I'm going to put my people out there he's too sharp to be ignored you mean you have to come to the FCC if I heard him once if Harry came to me once and explained himself is eloquently as he does now I would take that as an immediate move for an investigation and you'll sit up on a panel and deny him that there's something fishy going on here I'll say it like John Callahan said there's something fishy going on here
Andre Williams
That's why I never work Investments because once that money is out of my hands they could do whatever they want to do with the money and my client the person that trust me with the money I'm he's lost I'm never going take a chance and get money from my friend and give it to somebody that could lose it I'm not taking anything like that even if this offered to me from my friend because then if I don't I can't make a mistake
Andre Williams
You have to be stupid to Rob anybody in the first place but do you really have to be stupid to steal from the Colombians
Sam Allardyce
*GE brought me here* 😢
Anthony's pocket Media
Ge is going down
Margy Rowland
Somehow you’re chosen for wonderful investment returns? No, you’re being greedy and sins like that get punished one way or another. Love from Australia 🇦🇺
Is Markopolos looking into trump?
Bitcoin is today's Bernie Madoff.
Bernie is my hero!
Typical Jew.
John Edmond
Took only three people to make a billion dollar ponzi.

It took thousands of people to solve the ruddle.
Todd Maddaline
Never steal from a Greek? 😂 I'm sure Bernie and everyone else is sweating the wrath of a triggered Greek. Lmao.
Maybe if he was Achilles.
rick wyliee
we need to pray for mr. madoff
Markopolos seems like an ethical individual. Unfortunately, it seems as though a lot of those in finance may be trustworthy. Perhaps one may consider *not* handing over his or her life savings with one financial manager. Even if he or she is licensed, their moral compass is what matters.
Rebecca from the apprentice!!!
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DP/30: Chasing Madoff, subject Exposing Madoff's ponzi scheme 6 months ago   31:18

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