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Harry Marcopolos claims to have discovered Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme before anyone else. Rebecca Jarvis profiles Marcopolos and his nearly decade-long attempt to expose the fraud to the SEC.

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Typical Jew.
cvt cvt
John Edmond
Took only three people to make a billion dollar ponzi.

It took thousands of people to solve the ruddle.
Todd Maddaline
Never steal from a Greek? 😂 I'm sure Bernie and everyone else is sweating the wrath of a triggered Greek. Lmao.
Maybe if he was Achilles.
rick wyliee
we need to pray for mr. madoff
Markopolos seems like an ethical individual. Unfortunately, it seems as though a lot of those in finance may be trustworthy. Perhaps one may consider *not* handing over his or her life savings with one financial manager. Even if he or she is licensed, their moral compass is what matters.
Rebecca from the apprentice!!!
Luis Velazquez
Markopolis is a lies , the should kill him
Ohhh là là... Rebecca Jaris could inspect my accounts any time.
Greedy rich wankers.. lol my ass off when this came out!! Peeps must have known.. 8-10% returns irrespective of markets.. it's amazing how greed makes one blind..
Causidicus Vulgo
The FBI and the Department of Justice did nothing inspite of complaints. They instead honed in on a small friendly state in southeast Asia, Malaysia because Hillary Clinton and George Soros who run Regime Change could not squeeze Datuk Seri Najib and his government like they did the Arabs and Thais to pay into the Clinton Global Fund (which was a money laundry funding Hillary's campaign).

Malaysia's government collapsed under the weight of the Clinton NED Soros Tsunami of propaganda that the Malaysian government was corrupt and had stolen from its sovereign fund for illicit purposes. Now how does that work? There was no complaint from the Malaysian government or its fund which ought to have been the only proper complainant in the matter. Loretta Lynch acting on behalf of Clinton used the Civil Forfeiture Act seized property belonging to people associated with Malaysia's former PM held in the US using the Civil Forfeiture Act.

They did nothing to Bernie Madoff because he pleaded guilty. No trial and no reputational damage to Harvard, the Wiesenthal centre and thousands of "Reputable people" all pillars of society who are trustees of our well being. So plead guilty. But till recently where was the DoJ the FBI and Civil Forfeiture? Those afraid of being caught hiding their money from the IRS I can excuse.

Loretta Lynch and her predecessor in office did nothing to Bernie Madoff and neither did Comey. Here's why.
Bernie Madoff channelled billions of dollars of victims money into the Clinton Global Foundation and its associated entities. Comey and others in the agency knew of it and knew what was going on. Bernie Madoff was going to repay the money when Hillary got in. I mean she was after all a safe bet wasn't she: "As safe as milk" as the English would say.

The Clinton global fund needs a closer look at or there will be repercussions in evidence of the trail of money from Madoff to Clinton headed to lawyers acting for them. Some of it will go directly to those vulnerable people who lost out.

The government agencies like the FBI, DoJ and SEC remain totally on the outer. They are guessing. So much for competence. The Democrats who so believed they were invincible will now have to explain in open court if Trump has the courage to drain the swamp. Otherwise as the Chinese say "America is a country where you can close your eyes and cheat a living without consequence. Their prisons are better than many of our houses".

If Hillary and the Fund is not investigated thoroughly then we are all doomed.
Markopolos although the good guy in all this is an annoying little dweeb.
Maxwell Smart_086
SEC = Scam Executive Commission. FED = Fraud Executives of Domestic banks. IRS = Internal Robbery Service => www.fedupusa.org
Take Harry Let him hire a Large Team and place Harry and his Team in SEC and get rid of those scumbags!!!  SEC is on the take!
I lost about 17 quid to this fucker.
Michael Moretti
Rule Number One: If it sounds too good to be true, it IS too good to be true. Stay far away from it.
Andrea Smith
The S.E.C is a great idea but needs the right people who understand their job and do it. But once again we are shown a big of government push paper bodies getting paid and doing nothing. For years the biggest scam is happening in front of their faces and a guy jumping up and down saying look right here and they did nothing getting paid to do nothing. Not one of them lost their job because they did nothing so they in a sense did nothing wrong Lol the things that happen in the U.S. Lol Lol
Do Hillary Clinton next
Ijustcamehere Ijustcamehere
They are all crooked. even markopolos
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DP/30: Chasing Madoff, subject Exposing Madoff's ponzi scheme 1 day ago   31:18

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