Kendall Jenner Gets a Scare Extended: Ellen Shaves Off Super 2 weeks ago   04:29

Kendall Jenner admitted to Ellen she was feeling a little left out after her family members were getting scares on the show, so Ellen happily spread the scare love by catching her off guard not once, but twice – including with a pop-up visit from “Kris Jenner.” Plus, the supermodel talked about having a “resting bitch face” while watching her basketball pro boyfriend Ben Simmons play for the Philadelphia 76ers.


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Eve's everthing
Btw the scare starts at 3:27
renz padua
I got scared too 😂
Imagine how much money ellen spent on kris jenner hiding and scaring hee own daughter lol
Aleign Jess
IF I am a famous celebrity and got interviewed by Ellen, I'd also expect that there is going to be a jump scare and I'd open that box beforehand hahahahah
Sarah Elliott
When your expecting it.....but still get scared
Nora Matteo
That scared me too
Raja Rexin
When you know what is coming but still drop your phone :D
Galicias Gone
Ellen promotes Gargassshhh Shows like theirs and the worse examples of how men, women and girls should be like. No morals. no class. all vulgarity and non celebrities. so gross. ellan should promote better people
Robert Dolega
God I jumped!!!
Ali Rizvi
3:27 what you came for
Alesia 1
Please Dua Lipa😍
Purple hearts For Vsoo
Kenny ✨
Purple hearts For Vsoo
Kendall jenner🔥❤️
Purple hearts For Vsoo
Kendall jenner🔥❤️
Joyrojit Hojai
Love you Kendell Jenner❤️❤️❤️😍😘😘😘😘😘😘
ak squad
That jumped me
nusrat nahar
Kendall is beautiful surgery or no surgery. Jesus at least she doesn't break her mirror. People who call out "surgery" everytime any of the Kardashians are on are the same people who mirror break when they look at themselves
What is this bs to scare celebs for random enjoy & fake drama just to say last time I scared this time not next time yes last time not trashhh
Harmony Wardlaw
Wholey!! That gave me a fright!!
Brandon Wu
3:24 is that a new signal?
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Extended: Ellen Shaves Off Super Kendall Jenner Gets a Scare 2 weeks ago   12:12

In a daytime TV exclusive, Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman sat down with Ellen to talk about helping the New England Patriots win their 6th championship, posing naked for a photo shoot, and he even offered to let Ellen shave his much talked about beard to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Boston. The wide receiver also got a special gift... he finally received his coveted trophy for being named MVP!