JUMP Or LOSE in Simon Says! New! Fortnite Creative Hi-Speed 2 weeks ago   12:21

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I realize I slipped up on some mistakes the guests made! Its really hard to look at everyone the same time!🤗 I still hope you enjoyed watching the video💚
Wolf Gamer236
Da fish looked down
Izak Ocenasek
The fish lost
Jeremy Zhang
Then lucky that fish guy
Achilles Urbina
Fish dude cheated
next time check
William. Boucha
Did you get this idea from swiftor
LilFreddy916 916
Brite bomber truly won.
Jossie Sarol
5:43 the fish should have died
Eric Douglas
The fish looked down to
Bryan Reyes
The fish croched😡😡😡😡😠😵😵
Brandon Playz
Jelly the brite bomber didn’t go into the hunt and the fish didnt
Jose Zarate
The fish lost
That fish is out he looked down
Charles Mathis
The fish man look down
The fish won the 3rd time
PD 6
Fish guy lost because he looked down when you didn't say jelly says
LilFoxy Plays
The fish looked down then up
Darius Cooper
4:47, did you see that lynx say no by shaking its head on the right?
Urijah Villarreal
The fish lost because he look down
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New! Fortnite Creative Hi-Speed JUMP Or LOSE in Simon Says! 2 weeks ago   15:10

High speed ramps leading to a shotgun duel in the air - that's our Fortnite Creative Shotgun Jousting game! Slick editing by the very talented http://youtube.com/Abkayckay - please drop him a sub!

I've had this idea for a game jotted down for a while (we even did something similar in Black Ops 3) It took us a long time to really refine the idea and the map, so that it was both fun to watch and play. I'm thrilled with the way it came out and hope you enjoy the video and even the map if you want to play it with your friends: https://epicgames.com/fn/8297-0368-1804