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The Greatest Trans Am Ever Built? | [Hoonigan] Dt 052: 1000Hp Minivan - At Up-Tube.com

The Greatest Trans Am Ever Built? [HOONIGAN] DT 052: 1000HP Minivan 6 months ago   17:40

This is our entire crew's favorite car of SEMA 2018: Riley Stair's WIDE and LOW (yeah, all caps) 1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. But what's even better about the ridiculously good looking bodywork and batshit N/A motor, is the fact that Riley built and fabricated this thing himself in his parent's outdoor garage bay. Major props.


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DT #451

Comments 1712 Comments

You’ve got an hour with this Trans Am, where do you take it and what do you do?
Lou Fazio
This is Pontiac Super Wide-Track.
Eric Rodrigue
Wait a God damn minute isn't this the car that was built on the side of a garage in 2 feet of mud in the pouring rain with a $25 welder and a hand full of tools
Jason Ozment
They turned it into a race car. It's no longer a street machine do I like the race car ya but my preference is more Street
This guy is in a whole other level. The fabrication alone, and his humble attitude. This is a fast work of art.
Central Scrutinizer
.......OK...judging from the undercarriage, this beast is not driven much....but a few seconds of it rolling around a parking lot would have been nice. Obviously, this man has a bright future.
Kinzie Burton
Spaghetti braided stainless #Hotmess
Kinzie Burton
Won’t pass tech at the track
Robert O
Sorry but this is the ugliest Trans Am ever built.What a way to just hack up and wreck what was once a beautiful car...
Ronald Everson
Fucc the 500 horsepower Club what about the $100,000 + Club💪👊.....
What's the point of having such wide front wheels, when only 75% of the tyre (tire) touches the ground?
Super Low center of Gravity ?
Metal God
The 1970 through 73 trans am is my favorite car.. They have completely ruined it it looks like some stupid teenage kid who had too much money at the age of 16 built this ridiculous stupid looking car. It looks retarded.. I Would be embarrassed to drive this car.. This guy ruin something that was already perfect..
Bruno Ellsworth
Should be entitled The Gayest TransAm Ever Built...
Jason Gosnell
I'm not a GM guy but that car is bad as hell! Great job!
Spence Walton
The host interrupts as much as Jay Leno.
Charlotte Camplin
When I win lotto , this dude is going to build my beast.
Way to ruin a classic Beauty ... do that lowrider tilt wheel bullshit with Imports and other garbage ass cars. This is a disrespect to the Trans Am.
Tree Power
Pshh, would you look at it.. just look at it
Looks like a bowl of spaghetti
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[HOONIGAN] DT 052: 1000HP Minivan The Greatest Trans Am Ever Built? 6 months ago   19:33

https://www.hoonigan.com/ On today's episode of Daily Transmission, Bisimoto stops by with his insane 1000hp Honda Odyssey. He walks us through the build and then puts on a FWD smoke show. Make sure to stick around for Hert's rant on cyberbullying near the end, it's a good one.

Special Thanks to: Bisi Ezerioha @bisimoto

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