The Greatest Trans Am Ever Built? [HOONIGAN] DT 052: 1000HP Minivan 2 weeks ago   17:40

This is our entire crew's favorite car of SEMA 2018: Riley Stair's WIDE and LOW (yeah, all caps) 1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. But what's even better about the ridiculously good looking bodywork and batshit N/A motor, is the fact that Riley built and fabricated this thing himself in his parent's outdoor garage bay. Major props.


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DT #451

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You’ve got an hour with this Trans Am, where do you take it and what do you do?
My Moon
Its bad sick
CustomsBy Noumps
Nuckin' Futs!!
Wobbly Bobbly
Larry Jordan
im high
So what does it do race? Drift? Both? Dope car tho
Tim Glassford
Oh ya!!!! at the 3:15 mark... It was supposedly built in his carport, yet at 3:15 he mentions it was "still on the table" and had a few days to finish. WHO has a table (jig/fixture) table in their carport????
Josh Clark
Holy shit that's absolutely f***** sick.
Jason Seed
Wow!! incredible!! very talented guy
Widdy1 One
I wanna see it go up against cleetus mc farlands ruby,,auction corvette.
Jack Thompson
When he made the comment about the vacuum, I lost any hope in proper engineering or building knowledge/experience. Sorry.
Seriously a lot of thought and hard work went into this car, the kid got skillz👍🏽
Mick Grimes
if SEMA didn't/doesn't get him a job, this video will.

i havn't looked, but im pretty confident there is a build thread for this somewhere...
Heinrich Williams
The start when all of the car alarms go off 😂
John Skinner
Stock is boring, this is bitchen!
James Allen
no mention of a chassis jig in the car port either
Jonathan Orellana
This entire car is essentially Amazing work man.
Jonas Hällsten
This car is got damn amazing! the builder is higly skilled!
Bob K.
I want to see this guy do a 68-72 Vette.
William Knight
excellent work
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[HOONIGAN] DT 052: 1000HP Minivan The Greatest Trans Am Ever Built? 2 weeks ago   19:33 On today's episode of Daily Transmission, Bisimoto stops by with his insane 1000hp Honda Odyssey. He walks us through the build and then puts on a FWD smoke show. Make sure to stick around for Hert's rant on cyberbullying near the end, it's a good one.

Special Thanks to: Bisi Ezerioha @bisimoto

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