20 IBRAHIMOVIC Goals That Shocked Neymar Jr The Most Creative & Smart 4 months ago   05:29

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Vinit Toon
Holger Rothemund
No one was shocked by any of these goals. Maybe the goalie for some of them. It's what Ibrahim does. Scoring goals. Nothing shocking about it.
Good player but arrogant asshole !
bobo ka bobo mo
Only long hair can do a miracle kick
nico rickey
Definitely pushed dude out of the way......smh 2:47
رؤية استراتيجية Strategic vision
Somebody tell me the name of music
Daniel DeGabriele
Come back to Juve!
florida bert
Q: how many goals can he score?
And when Zlatan swims in the water he won't get wet . The water get Zlatan.
florida bert
...this is so Zlatan!!!!...what da hell.. is a .. Messi??
everything cool and all but can we talk about 3:21 ?

that mans mouth melted and drifted all the way down holy sht
Muhamad Rosly
Zlatan: I'm the lion... I rule this territory
newlloyd cash floor
Zlatan Ibrahimovic making taekwondo in football that's very nice
giuliano mamane
against fiorentina nutmeg,dribble and than volley....monster!!
giuliano mamane
one of the best striker ever
aurangzeb zeb
Wow what a player
Ibrahimovic SWINGS his foot. OOPS THATS A GOAL NOW
It’s no vs Marseille on 4:38 its versus Monaco but Nice video
The Orion
When something happens with Zlatan , htiw sneppah gnihtomos nehw
Trubel T
Good Player. But less IQ than a toast.
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Neymar Jr The Most Creative & Smart 20 IBRAHIMOVIC Goals That Shocked 4 months ago   10:07

The Most Creative & Smart Plays from the PSG & Brazil star Neymar Jr