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10 Fighters The Ufc Rejected | When Talk Show Hosts - At Up-Tube.com

10 Fighters The UFC Rejected When Talk Show Hosts 8 months ago   16:48

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Comments 1145 Comments

Tom Billard
Man that khabib insert is perfect
Alexander Emelyanenko I'm to good for ufc

Khabib: this is number 1 bull s!!!
update...askren's run in the ufc was short lived and was handed his retirement papers by Masvidal via knee to the face
Who’s the girl in the thumbnail shes hot
Screw u bitch
ashlee smith
No Chandler?
cid facetious
Cyborg was Juiced to the rafters her so-called Legacy is a lie and Gina Carano is hotter than the ring girls at the weigh-in LOL
Well Ben in here now
Craig owen Lindvall jr
Askren? He just got knocked out by Gorge!! And fights Maia in October! Im I the only person who noticed this?
kb be
Alexander sucks. mirco cro cop made him his toy and nearly killed him in the ring
gregory Brown
Gina carano: as attractive as the ring girls.
Guled abdi
This is a number one bs lol
Smokey Bear
Dana White is such a huge prick.
Mrs. Arthur Morgan
Cris and Gina were what got me into MMA. ❤️
Cyborg Santos Does look like a MAN! Dana Hit the Nail on the head!
Kenneth Edwards
What the UFC does not need is Dana White .
Howard Roark
Rickson's son just got his ass whooped by Cub Swanson! Cub won all 3 rounds. So much for Gracie jiu jitsu. LOL!
Rick James5678
Cyborg is not the best female fighter. She had more roids than a professional bodybuilder. It was like a built man fighting natural women. She really does look like Big Foot Silva in a dress.
Cecil Brasfield
Please put Trump in the Octagon, so someone can knock some sense.
Cecil Brasfield
Female fighters put on better fights then men ..Of course I'm bias ...
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When Talk Show Hosts 10 Fighters The UFC Rejected 8 months ago   10:50

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