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This is the greatest video essay of All Time

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Pvt. matt
i still vividly remember how i used to go to Blockbuster every couple of evenings to go rent out a movie.

miss those days.
Apollo 16
How about family video? I live next to one and it's open every day though nobody ever goes there except the worker.
Mike Hawk
I’ve only been to a blockbuster once and was like 6 and now I’m turning 18 in 1 1/2 weeks
Byrner Akount
I recommend doing your research on Enron
Cri Lune
I don’t need sleep. I need answers!
Joshua G.
Still have my blockbuster card. In all its laminated glory.
The most baffling thing is that Blockbusters had stores all over the world, and closed because of a thing started by a thing (dvd-by-mail) you can do only in the US, with an additional service (streaming) that hasn't been available to many, many countries all over the world for many years. By the time the Blockbusters close to where I used to live closed, Netflix wasn't a thing and wouldn't be for years.

It's just so... crazy if you think about it, that a worldwide phenomenon died because of something that existed in like, three countries.
Mason McNeely
i went to blockbuster yesterday lmao
Mosa Daiyōkai
I 'member hollywood videos and blockbuster as a child
being excited as hell when my mum would agree to get me snacks too 😭😭
Covfefe Cafe
Yo im in Montana, kinda close to Oregon, might go drop by whenever I can.
Ricardo Boykin
RIP glad I got to keep my copy of the South Park game for N64
Maximilian Bien
I also blamed Netflix
S Craw
Also randy marsh.
S Craw
Be kind. Please rewind.
:’( r.i.p. blockbuster
Brandon Folkner
No mention of the total rip off of "redbox" . they tried blockbuster kiosks too at the very end.
3:34 my house is on Ridgeland, I know a block buster that uses to be open pretty close by holy hell this is shocking.
True chads went to family video
Maddest of Lads
Remember getting fantastic mr. fox from Blockbustah. Im sad
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This is the greatest police door ramming of All Time