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This is the greatest video essay of All Time

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This should have been posted like 8 years ago
Marcus P
I like the animation style, a sequelitis type of show it actually works for this type of content
I saw the one in Bend. It was like seeing a cryptid.
The Blockbuster that we had in my Hometown was closed, but then it turned into a place called Family Video. It go shut down recently. I remember getting DS games and movies there, too.
blockbuster and chill
i remember going to blockbuster when i was kid and making fun of the poor kids the next day because i got to rent the spongebob movie for the third time that year. wonderful memories.
Gaming Roadkill
Man... GameStop is really dying 😢
Hudson Knapp
Loved seeing the animation, I hope more of your videos in the future are also animated
Fat Boi
i remember going to blockbuster and buying saw for the xbox 360 but that's about it. i never exactly got to experience the rise and fall of blockbuster but im glad i got to be there once i guess
reliable milkman
Huge *RIP* too Blockbuster I feel like I'm in in another dimension that Blockbuster never existed in rn
- Puck -
Netflix and chill psssssh Blockbuster and Cockthruster
I proudly wear a Blockbuster and chill shirt. You wouldn't believe how many people I get walk up to me and go blockbuster.. whats that? it's sad really
That's crazy I'm 25 minutes away from the last blockbuster
Charlie please tell me how your hair gets so long in such short spam of time...
I never had a Blockbuster nearby, I always lived near Hollywood Video stores. Only time I went to a Blockbuster was one two towns away because I REALLY wanted a certain movie HV didn't have. I don't even remember what the movie was.

Kinda weird really...Lived in two states way across from each other. Both places no Blockbuster, just Hollywood. They also went down in 2010, that was just the death year of video rental I suppose.
holy fuck leafy hit puberty
Yep, badgering my dad for a coffee crisp, wanting to rent a game but dad refusing because he didn't understand the system.
K Vol
I worked at Blockbuster in 1999 and it was AIDS. I'm glad they're dead.
Onemanarmylol Lol
Woah woah critikal blackbustercritic already went through this topic remember?
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This is the greatest police door ramming of All Time