Why Theresa May Is Resigning Before Completing New PM by end of July as tearful Theresa May confirms 3 months ago   01:42

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‘It is and will always remain a matter of deep regret to me that I have not been able to deliver Brexit’ — Theresa May has announced her resignation as British PM.
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In Brexit news and UK news, British PM Theresa May is resigning after failing to deliver a Brexit deal allowing the UK to leave the European Union. British citizens made there choice in the Brexit vote 3 years about, but now after the Theresa May resignation and an even more divisive Brexit debate in the House of Commons, the Brexit latest is that UK Brexit might be even farther away. You can see Theresa May cries in this video containing the Theresa May resignation speech. Without Theresa May, Brexit is up in the air. Theresa May has been all over the news and culture recently, there was even a Theresa May SNL sketch.

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She *May* go (see what I did there)
Just Me
Rue Britannia.
Michael Chrisman
Because she is a traitor to her own country
She didn't cite her own inability to do anything. She was a remainer all along.
That would be because of ridiculous, imbecilic incompetence and chronic lying.
Will you take tRump and a few billion $$? He's not much use to us here. We'll throw in his entire cabinet and staff and voters (and I guarantee that most are white 😮) for free!
Kofi McBaiden
The referendum was not done in good faith, hence the difficulty in implementation.
Timothy Kozlowski
She's the Gordon Brown of Prime Minister's and of the Conservative Party in the U.K
No to Idiots Boris Johnson,Jeremy Corbyn,Nigel Farage. Complete waste of taxpayers money
Lee Sowden
What the leaver mp dont tell you is how euro was wanting to make it harder for tax Dodgers so there is there real reason for wanting out
Timely... shud hav gone sooner. No Boris too. Disaster.
manuel davidoff
for every bad is a worst
Batman's Wife
White people problems.
Ariel Briceño
The rats always leave the ship before sinking
Zeezee SD
Lets see again how a man baby be when he becomes leader
Ryad Hasan Ahmed
Every time that wretched woman opened her mouth the £ value kept dropping
Patrick McLaughlin
her 3 plans: bad, ugly, and stupid
and why is her biggest qualification that she's female?
We The People
Because Trump is releasing the Documents from the FBI, CIA and British Intelligence on spying, with USA, wake up and see the truth.
Steven Amoah
Boris will be pm I hate the thought but it will happen won't be good but on the flip next election 🇬🇧🇬🇧😘😘✊🏾👍
s p
Boris Johnson? Seriously?
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New PM by end of July as tearful Theresa May confirms Why Theresa May Is Resigning Before Completing 3 months ago   04:23

There will be a new UK prime minister by the end of July after a tearful Theresa May committed to passing on the reigns following a troublesome premiership.

The PM was finally forced to set a date for her inevitable departure from Number 10 and she revealed her turbulent tenure will end on June 7.

Several prominent Tory MPs have already thrown their hat into the ring to become next party leader and the contest to replace Mrs May is likely to be brutal.

Big names including favourite Boris Johnson and outsider Jeremy Hunt have already confirmed they intend to run but the final list of contenders is likely to be lengthy.

In an emotional Downing Street statement, Mrs May said it was in the "best interests of the country" for a new prime minister to lead efforts to deliver Brexit.

She struggled to fight back the tears as she said it had been "the honour of my life" to serve "the country that I love".

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