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David-Molinar - Road Runner Bicycle | Installing An 80Cc Motorized Bike - At Up-Tube.com

David-Molinar - Road runner bicycle Installing an 80cc Motorized Bike 7 months ago   08:11

Enrique Otarola
Enrique Otarola interviews David Molinar from Road runner bicycle engines llc. This fun interview was held in Phoenix Arizona, David explains how he decided to start hi company andalso how easy is to buy and install this bicycle engine kits.

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David M
I'm glad it brought some happiness your way.. I hope to have one when I see Enrique riding one..we failed to get the video of him riding one...lol, but well get more :D
David M
If you got friends that want an engine Robert refer them to this video please:)
David M
Thanks Liam, :)
David M
They are quite Nice to have They get great Miles/gallon! And, with the extra weight of 25lbs, when you ride with your friends (who might not have a motor)and you don't have the motor running, your burning more callories and getting a better workout thank they are ;)
David M
Wow!!! Thank you Jan
David M
Thanks Theresa :)
David M
Its quite easy to do Sam, if your Mechanically enclined it shouldn't take you more than 3 hrs to do it properly. The kits come with instructions on how to install them.
David M
I liked it ;) thanks for Watching the Video :)
Wendy Sterlia
I have a burning desire for more! raping reply button actually
Ann Korne
Like my comment whether you re adding it on Your facebook
David M
Hi folks sorry the shopping cart is not yet operational on my web site hope it will be by the end of the week. We sell engine kits for $180.00 we all so have a couple accessories that we recomend for a Motor Assisted Bicycle (M.A.B.) , mech-spedo, center 'Y' kickstand, universal mount, and for those that want them 415heavy duty chain 98 links-(for your drive train), master links, half links, and a universal mounting plate thats better than what comes with the kit.
Sam Serden
Many thanks for this upload! It's really good to know that I can install an engine for my bike :)
Theresa Ferrera
my thumb has never been in a straighter position
Jan Galea
favorite clicked xD
Liam Craigson
Just faved this :-)
Jonathan Grizzly
Videos like this should really get over thousands of views!!! Let everybody know about it!
Ricardo Marguez
I m delighted I found this vid, it has charmed me a little in this lightless day.
Aidan Glover
Milena Bella
regard to the uploader for this vid. I want more !
Peter Simolenoux
Many thanks to Enrique Otarola and David Molinar for this intreview. It really pleased me in this rainy day.
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Installing an 80cc Motorized Bike David-Molinar - Road runner bicycle 7 months ago   10:12

Motorizing your pedal bike is a great way to get around! These kits are cheap to buy and operate, and are one of the funnest way's to get from a to b. You can pick up one of these kits from a number of online retailers, and the are available all around the world for less than $200. This video shows in depth how to install the kit.

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