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Scam Nation
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* Correction: the "actual count" at 11:41 should be 29, the bet doubling score.

"Razzle Dazzle," also known as "Play Football," "Auto Races," "Double-Up," or "Bolero" is a complete scam disguised as a game of chance. Not only is it illegal in the United States, it's virtually impossible to win. Dr. James Grime from Numberphile and SingingBanana demonstrates this carnival scam as well as a slightly-more-fair version you can play with just dice.

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Data and information sources for this video:
"Probabilities of Winning a Certain Carnival Game" - Donald A. Berry and Ronald R. Regal (The American Statistician, November 1978)
"Razzle Dazzle and Related Gambling Games" (FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, February 1969) -

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Scam Nation
Think counting is all there is to this illegal scam? Watch the second half to see why even a fair game is nearly impossible!
Did the count fool you?
Yoyoitsbenzo Gaming
This is genius. But I could never fool someone like this. I'd feel bad for taking their money lol. Probably why I'll never be mega rich or a politician. 😂
So looking at the columns it's just like opposite sides of dice they add to 7: the 2 left-most columns are 4&3 (opposite sides of a die); 5&2 in the third column; 4&3 again in the 4th column; 5th column is 1&6; 6th column 3&4; 7th is 5&2; 8th 3&4; 9th 6&1; 10th 4&3; 11th is 5&2; 12th 3&4... but then you get to the rightmost column and you've got these weird pairs: 4&5 that's nine; 5&4 that's 9; then 4&2? 2&4? 4&2? 4&5&4&5&4... I need a little more in-depth explanation here.
FYI, the information in the video can be gleaned without the crappy repetitive music in the background.
Leaetta Hyer
Renan Bohn Schwarzbold
what if I play a few rounds in, let the scammer get confident to the point he lets me do the counting, then a few more rounds in I misscount and win the prize?
SaltLife Mom
Ok first round and i had to stop. Am I seeing things or is he counting wayyy off?
good watch.... moral of the story math is EVIL :'P
kori uk
Love seeing people get excited whilst talking about things they are into
NP Walter
seen someone lose 12K in a Dominican republic casino. I wish I seen this before I went.
Jason Hibdon
Literally every time he counted I was like... can this guy not add?
Marty Kane
This is just evil!
I had Excel simulate 10000 sets of 8 die rolls
28 8.2%
27 7.8%
30 7.8%
26 7.7%
29 7.3%
25 7.0%
31 6.7%
24 5.8%
32 5.5%
33 5.0%
14 0.12%
42 0.09%
43 0.09%
13 0.03%
11 0.01%
12 0.01%
44 0.01%
45 0.01%
46 0%

47 0%
48 0%

8 0%
9 0%
10 0%

6 of 41 possible numbers never came up.

8-15 and 41-48 collectively came up less than 1% of the time.

Individually each of 26, 27, 28 and 30 (and 29 is really close) would come up as frequently as 8-19 and 37-48 collectively; and the latter represents 59% of all possible numbers you can roll!
How do you deal with someone catching onto the miscounting and miscounting themselves though?
Edson Galeana
I saw this scam in a mall here in México a couple of months ago, they gave you two free tries and after that the game was $20 pesos (about a dólar). I played the first two rounds and noticed something was wrong with the counting but didn't said anything and just leave the game. I'm happy to see that my suspispicions we're right
Cami Oliver Piesön
Why does Brian have so many single dollar bills?😏
Kevin Bihari
How do you people count?
The running total is 14, the last marble is between 6 and 4 and the total is???
Nate SoFla
I immediately noticed he wasnt counting correctly. I just wasnt sure why yet
Cory Mck
Hello production quality
even more insidious have a friend "win" in just 30 or 40 rolls without ever doubling the fee, to onlookers someone just got a several hundred dollar item, for next to no money, perhaps they even got 2 or 3 items for this money.
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