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Elijah Wood And Dominic Monaghan | Craig Ferguson Late Late - At Up-Tube.com

Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan Craig Ferguson Late Late 2 days ago   01:04

Dominic Monaghan paid a surprise visit to Elijah Wood during the press interviews for Wood's new show, "Wilfred."

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nycion x
Hobbits my ass..
Box Chat
Vera vs
Aww so cute!!🙃
When Elijah said OH Shit I imagined just: Shit they found out we are gay :D Btw Elijah = Mine cruuush ❤❤
Kenneth Daniels
Elijah in huggieland getting cuddly hugs. 0:57
I wish I could cultivate such a close friendship with the people in my life
wayback productions
Amazing Supergirl
This hug is what’s “heartwarming and endearing”
Lauren Butte
What a cute friendship ❤ This is so precious, how they are oblivious to the camera. It made me tear up 😂
Poor Elijah looks so sad that he has to leave 😢
What kind of Comic-con is this?
Farha Manjur
"..awh shit! hang on. speaking of hobbits..." 😆
Tater Nuts
Homosexual connotation?
so i just f*cked my hair up trying to cut it myself. I want it long but it looked so bad I was debating just to shave the sh*t down to 3 or 4mm and start from scratch, but looking at Dom's hair here...hell...maybe it's not that bad after all.
I would give anything to be as close with either of them as they are with each other. or to hang out with them that day
firstname lastname
Elle Taylor
Is it just me or does it look like Elijah's got his hand on Dominic's hips almost the whole time they're talking?
Kili Tauriel Forever
it's kind of like the hug he gave Sam at the end of ROTK
This is so endearing... Thanks to LOTR :)
ABSoluTe nErD
I swear I just melted
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Craig Ferguson Late Late Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan 2 days ago   08:47

Craig chats with Dominic Monaghan.
"I'm Brad Pitt! I'll crush you! WITH MY HAND!"