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George Lucas Inspirational Speech - Creator of Star Wars.

George Lucas is a writer, producer and director known for his creation of the enormously successful 'Star Wars' and 'Indiana Jones' film franchises. In this video George Lucas talks about his early life and how he got an idea of creating Star Wars.

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Matthew Ostien
I just want sum of his imaginative jizz in me, so I too may have his brillaince. 😌❤
Ded Ragon
I find although this speech to be inspirational, I find it hard to understand with his whole pleasure vs joy analogy. This is because let's say I find joy in giving myself(aka my time) to biology research, this contradicts his initial statement of "a pleasure being that of a selfish desire; to solely interest one self. And therefore to not indulge in pleasures(as much), as they do not last as long as joy does." Perhaps I'm overthinking this entire section of his speech, but if that may be the case, I'd always be interested to hear another viewpoint.
Sebastian Fitzptraick
Why George Lucas is awesome

- Created Star Wars and Indiana Jones

- Wrote and Directed American Graffiti, THX 1138, A New Hope and contributed to the scripts of Empire, Jedi, Raiders, Temple of Doom and Last Crusade as well as producing all of the above.

- Expanded the mythos and universe of Star Wars with the prequels.

- Donated hundreds of millions of dollars to charity

- Comes across as a decent and pleasant man who loves his family

Now of course George did a good few stupid things but this shouldn't give butthurt fan boys the excuse to pretty much bully him and insult him. I personally enjoy the prequels immensely and the special editons, probably because they were Star Wars to me when I was growing up
Retro Yisus
Aradhya Sharma
The sad reality:
1) I am an Asian.
2) I get spanked a lot for scoring less than 90% at high school.
3) You can't wander a lot around streets and nooks in here cuz you never know who might have you for dinner...
Lord Dickens
Hearing Lucas talk is like listening to your own conscience
Lord Dickens
3:30 - "Bridge on the River Kwai and stuff like that" - haha, everybody loves that movie, even though it is very commercial. It is just very, very well-made.
Barbara Duncan
George Lucas is amazing. I have great respect for this man and his talent.
Mew Two
Hello there!
George is my second father. I have adopted him.
The Mdw
Good practical advice, yet, his ego is corrupting the message.
Clarence White
David Bloyd
Palpatine wants pleasure, Yoda wants Joy.  Why can't Luke understand that in the movie Last Jedi?
Anna..said the corporate valley
leonel mora
In the end he was talking about the darkside and the ligthside..... I love this men
DreamFactory Entertainment
LUNCH feature film
Paul Floyd
Pleasure is selling a franchise for 4 billion. Joy is giving it to the homeless and veterans. And STILL having more money than you will ever be able to spend.
Greg Greg
Only took Modesto, Ca. ONE of its sons to create a billion dollar franchise and revolutionize film. You're welcome.
The Kaiser
I thought he was a prick from what i heard in the media, but actually he is a likable, true filmmaker and there aren't many.
Eoin Brennan
The man is 73 years old but just look at his face, its full of life, wonder and vitality. People do all sorts of messed up things to themsleves in order to appear young but they end up looking like aliens with these strange frozen faces......It just goes to show that the only way to stay young and vital is to follow your heart and never listen to anyone who tries to tell you how you should live your life.
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Steven Spielberg's speech about his early life and the moments that made him master filmmaker.

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