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Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
Curator Dr. James Cornelius talks about Mary Lincoln's strawberry dress which was last on display in 1985. The dress will be on display May 6th, 7th, and 8th 2011 at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.

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Heather Young
Where's the display part???
Pamela Taylor
Ms K THAT beautiful lady Made those dresses, Thank you for being a fashion Trailblazer
Pamela Taylor
That beautiful dress maker Ms K did wonders with needle and thread, I wonder what became of her life, I do so HOPE she became RICH
Kevin King
The Lincoln Tax War that cost over 600 thousand American lives must of been stressful for poor Mary.
Ingrid Dubbel
I collect vintage clothing and my 1915 dress and my 1922-23 dress are stored flat. They are both silk and as silk ages it cracks.
j v
why can't it be stored flat to avoid the weakening caused by folds?
pminner1 about she my have received the dress, by having an enslaved black seamstress do it for free. Please white people stop with the sanitation.
First Last
I wonder if old Abe ever put it spice things up a little...maybe with some pink lipstick and a little blusher...and then I imagine Mary comes in holding a paddle and Abe gives her a coquettish grin....
Rascapetatiando Dance
I was truly hoping he would take out the dress. This was lame
Gerry Alga
Anyone else fell asleep? Geez he’s so boring 😪
I’ve never heard that Mary was unstable. In fact I’ve heard quite the opposite. I’ve heard she was a strong woman, the backbone to her husband and a powerful matriarch of her family. Maybe I missed something here. 🤔
Morgan Olfursson
Dr Cornelius . This box is way too small . Can't you have a box made large enough to keep the dress perfectly flat and unfolded . You can't have creases on old silk. Silk is made from animal protein (literally worm saliva ) and it breaks when creased for too long . You need to have the fold only following the seam lines , nowhere else and place layers and layers of silk paper between the layers of fabrics to avoid direct contact and friction .
Also make sue the box is made of unvarnished and untreated paulownia wood, with a perfectly fitted lid. Paulownia is breathy and naturally insect repellent . If you store the piece in it after display, you can keep it without extra care .
Also never display silk when the weather is humid and never store it away unless it has been made to dry thoroughly first , whether naturally or artificially . And it would still need to be aired once a year .
Silk is organic and biodegrade very easily if not properly taken care of . This is not like cotton or wool which is as dead a fabric as cut hair or clipped nails . Silk a protein fiber such as Fibroin so basically an enzyme . You can't store it like cotton , wool, or leather .
Morgan Olfursson
I was watching this with my Japanese mother in law and she was horrified . Whoever did that restoration work on the silk needs a few lessons . You guys must ask more skilled people to do the job , for such valuable and important pieces. Have the dress sent to Japanese craftspeople who traditionally restore silk Kimono and other closing, Their skills are unsurpassed and the dress will come back as new and preserved for another 200 years .

They have clients such as the Louvre museum, the British museum and all Haute Couture fashion houses . And they are not expensive .
destiny kemp
By machine he’s referring to an early type of sowing machine as those had begun to circulate and some companies had several with women employed to make clothing. This process was faster and cheaper, so it began to spread rather quickly.
T Byers
150 year old silk?

I can't even keep a 2 year old silk handkerchief in decent shape...lmao
I know it was the fashion back then...but those dresses where huge and ugly.
Pollywog 731
A copy could be made there are a few dressmakers who could recreate that dress. The lady who has the site "American Duchess' could and Angela Clayton could too. Several others who do historically accurate dresses.
Phuong Weary
So Good to see History Preserved
Un - Known
I wish I could do something in history but I am bad at saving stuff
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John Wilkes Booth - Mary Mary Lincoln's Strawberry Dress 2 days ago   12:34

Virtual tour of the Surratt Tavern where John Wilkes Booth obtained his firearms the night of the Lincoln assassination