First Set Of Septuplets Turn 18: Catching First All-Girl Quintuplets Appear 4 months ago   05:49

In 1997, Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey became the parents of the first set of septuplets to ever survive infancy, and now they’re turning 18. As TODAY’s “Where Are They Now?” series continues with a visit from the whole family, mom Bobbi McCaughey becomes emotional about their ups and downs over the years.
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First Set Of Septuplets Turn 18: Catching Up With The McCaughey Family | TODAY

Comments 573 Comments

did she actually just ask a mother why its hard to see how grown up her kids r?? i imagine with 7 at once its especially sentimental but NEWSFLASH: EVERY MOTHER IS LIKE THAT WITH THEIR KIDS GROWING UP
Suzanne A.
Amazing😍😍😍.. so wonderful... 😍😍😍
.... I just thought it was cool that this is in Iowa...
Atric Channel
They're all 23 now
One of them ill ? Has some illness ? Anyone know why ?
moses xxx
They not blessing from god twins is enough!! Its cursed
June A
They don’t even look alikes.
Charmae Caroro
And now they are 23 years old. Same as me.
Carlenna Brattin
Gee Blake
No one on this planet can do that fake emotional cry like white people.
Brooke Smith
Crazy how theirs only one blonde
The only thing that I wouldn’t like about being a septuplet would have to be not having any younger siblings because I grew up with 4 younger siblings and I am definitely one of the most motherly😂
Minnie M
World's first in 1997? Are we sure?
nani mkenya
God is able when He give you, this is what we call miracles
Maria Kennedy
7 tuitions good luck
Jennifer Wright
This is literally the coolest thing ever. I bunked with Natalie for 5 days straight (with 12 other girls) and didn't realize that she was a septuplet, but she was one of the nicest people ever and one of my favorite counselors ❤
Nicole Powers
The blonde girl is absolutely gorgeous
Stephany Fofano
I think it's cool at least they have a lot of siblings someone people don't have it like if you only have one sibling it still feels lonely most of the time specially when your only sibling is either busy or traveling around
Bradley Christian
Amaze if one or more of these gave serval children at once themselves.
7 scorpios omg
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First All-Girl Quintuplets Appear First Set Of Septuplets Turn 18: Catching 4 months ago   04:48

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