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A massive fight broke out during the game between Gilas Pilipinas and Australia in the third window of the FIBA World Cup Asian Qualifiers at the Philippine Arena in Bocaue, Bulacan on Monday.

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Ridho Wiranatakusumah
The security is doing their job
The commentary is a fucking disgrace
Gisela Bessoir
Phillipines ........
Comments are full of illiterate idiots haha.

We're racist huh? Then how come one of our players that used fly kicks several times turns out to be black (African descent)? Just because things were different back in the 1900's and there was a history of convicts in the 18th century DOES NOT mean that we're like that today.

Most of these comments are from Americans, who have even more a racist history than Australians.
Best DIY'S
Bago kayo manghusga sa pilipinas siguraduhin nyo na tama ang istorya nyo hindi ung makikipag away kayo ng hindi nyo alam..away ng basketball tapos napunta sa mga ano sa pilipinas ganyan ba kayo siguro ganyan ugali ng mga australia para makapag salita kasi kami kahit sinasabi nyo na kasalanan ng pilipinas un or australia hindi nyo din maiintindihan kasi puro away kayo dahil lng dito at pasensya na dahil kung sinasabihan kayo ng racist atbp.pero dipende kung totoo din un at wag nyong sasabihin na ang pilipinas ay worlds maid ung mga pilipino na nag tatrabaho sa ibang bansa ay para makatulong sa pamilya nila wala kayong karapatan para manhusga kasi di nyo naranasan kung ano naransan nila dun at kung may problema kayo sa pilipinas pwes may problema din kami sainyo kasi kami pag kayo ang nag simula di kami lalaban dahil alam namin kung ano limits namin pero pag nasobrahan kayo di nyo alam kung ano ang mga pilipino!at hindi kami makikipag away kung walang ginagawa ung isang tao at kung nasobrahan na pinapatulan na pero sa unang una pinagtitimpian lang ng mga pilipino yan!
The Animal
All shit ! Fucking aussies . Come fight us Kiwis . You know you will get a challenge
Ducky Tech
It’s just a fucking sticker. No need to start a fight. We all know the midgets would have died if the Aussies didn’t hold back their one punch
Jared Orprecio
Ugh... really the country that my family was born on attacks the country that I love and live in
When I saw this I just wanted all the Philippino players that got rejected out of the game to have a life suspension from basketball😡🤬😭
Dirty racist australians
ItsGamer_ Duck33
I hate Australia because they suck there hotdogs
Wer sind eure Vorbilder?
Bradley English
Bunch of walking headjobs
Supa Hot Dabs
Hahaha at least we’re not trash a basketball
vengo por el vidio brandom xd
Black Axe
Lol, pinoys have always been sore losers, Can't admit they suck at every sport. I've always a pleasure humiliating them at football and watch them lose their pinoy pride
Wat is this boksing or basketball😂😂😂
at sweepopolis
Aussie casualty. So they lost the rumble.
I'm Australian and Philippian 😂
tangtang wzc
I don't know about the cause but it seems like Filipinos start the fight. but again, I am not clear about the cause. However...One thing, I could not accept is that can around 6 Filipinos tries to fight against one australian....thats so can they even keep doing that for a while?......fighting against a guy when you have 6 people that outnumber him?....
The flips are some pussies
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Top 10 Famous Penalty Kicks ● Impossible Huge Basketball Fight Breaks 5 months ago   03:39

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