Huge Basketball Fight Breaks Kickert on Gilas-Australia brawl: Regrettable, 6 months ago   05:01

A massive fight broke out during the game between Gilas Pilipinas and Australia in the third window of the FIBA World Cup Asian Qualifiers at the Philippine Arena in Bocaue, Bulacan on Monday.

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Sara Kuti
This must be why Ben Simmons isn't playing this year. Ya'll not bout to mess up my contract 😂😂😂😭😭😂
Derwin Ambojia
4:14 is the best, ponytail dude comes up stealthy behind Maker then runs away behind another Aussie. and then the “flying” kick. i’m dead 💀
Albert Garino
when filipino felt that they get bullied.u must be ready .
Eric10오 puzon
Pacquiao is coming you
Lotus Flower
It is good that spectators didn't jump on to the court. That would have had disastrous consequences. In some countries, that would have happened.
Rafaell Sebastien Manalo
We can fight big people
Rafaell Sebastien Manalo
Filipinos are brave so don't mess with filipinos
Joshua nitsugaodom
thats what you deserve when youre a bully... arrogant aussies pussies but cant stand a fight
stranger eminem
aussies won the match but lose the fight
Rahul Singh
Philippines are cowards ...attacking all on one man......shame on you.... Is it Philippines team or african team?
Jeovanni Barrera
Announcer: this is unfortunate

But probably enyoing the fight while eating popcorn
Noel Clifford
Both these teams should be ashamed. Philippines started the brawl. The Boomers were throwing cheap shots all throughout the game.
ssWolf Beard
Thon came through like Broly knocking everybody down
20 on 5 fight the phillipinos are a bunch of midget rats
Charles Andrei
we can say that all of them are really basketball playerd because they cant even land a punch on each other
FrEsH ShaDe
Man stuff the Phillipines
owow owow
aussies bullying em during the warm ups
jc boy
Whenever i see this, this makes me wanna punch those disrespecful auusies.
After the brwal, they act like poor wee.victims. theyre assholes.
Pits Peter
Australian #12 run for his life. 😂
Fuck u gay blues
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