Mena Massoud Talks 'Aladdin' In A T.earful Tribute To His Oldest Son, 1 day ago   13:41

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Mena Massoud, star of Disney's Aladdin, joins Fandango correspondent Nikki Novak to share his experience being cast in the movie, riffing with Will Smith on set, and learning stunts to mimic the acrobatic movements of cinema's most beloved street rat, Aladdin!

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Mena is too pure for this world and he’s the Aladdin I never knew I needed in my life. Mad at myself for missing this in theaters. He’s so true to the original. Jafar is different from original but I love him so much.
azeen rules123
u cant have an interview with Mena Massoud without hearing him say "I grew up in an Egyptian household"
Taylor Lange
He is so cute! Shame on people trying to cancel him because of what he said about food!
RIP headphone users
Magyar Posta
I love Mena!😘
Emily's got talent
All my life I hated having brown eyes but since this movie I am so happy and proud to have them
Ariel Swiftie
It was amazing interview, but the sound was too small. I had to volum it up all the way, and when the movie scene came up, it was super loud. So I had to adjust it over and over again. My ear hurts now...
Lily Raimey
5:57 😏
The interview has a low volume like then you put the trailer scenes and the audio is too laud and our ears hurt
A -
isnt this the "i like tha laugh, eunghheheh" justin bieber girl?
Sahal Amod
Scope a diving when he was knocked in the water🌊🕋🇸🇦
Adolfo Albornoz
Mena is so hot!
Maria S.
When they were in Jordan and Will was photobombing Mena’s shoot was so funny
2:33 scared the fuck out of me
Jennifer Marri

He is cute!!
Leonisa Dizon
The movie clips sound are so annoyingly loud!
Francisca Torres Nero Correia
April Antonio
O.m.g his smile ..lublublub
Guni Meow
My two wishes would be to have health and also my family and to be a succesfull actress. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Sunny Areum
his voice OMG! ❤ ❤ ❤
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In A T.earful Tribute To His Oldest Son, Mena Massoud Talks 'Aladdin' 1 day ago   11:49

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Will Smith’s relationship with his oldest son, Trey, wasn’t an easy one to cultivate after he and Trey’s mom, Sheree Zampino, divorced in 1995. So in 2018 the actor took to Instagram to reveal the truth about his feelings toward his eldest.

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