Ser Barristan Selmy Quits Like Cersei & Ned - When You Play The Game 2 days ago   03:32

Awesome scene where Ser Barristan quits from service after being insulted with forced retirement.

"A hall to die in....and men to bury me!"

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Soren Karna
A very stupid mistake on their part, one of the greatest swordsman of his time.
You gotta love how everyone shat their pants when Barristan pulled out his sword. "Even now I could cut through the five of you like carving a cake!" No witty comeback, that time.
Jovan Belegisanin
I think a lot of people do not really see the significance of a Kingsguard being relieved of his duty, especially after so many years. It's not just that you're out of job. Those years would be spent inheriting land, finding a suitable wife and fathering children, and creating a whole different life overall. Barristan has been in Kingsguard most of his life, and considering his old age, he probably has no living members of his family, friends, he can't go to his ancestral home as there's probably someone else there (either some other house, or his distant relatives), he has nothing, no wealth or even real skills to do anything else. For him, having a quiet home is really no different than just having a place in which you wait to die.
Poet Treez
Bet if he lasted past S8 we probably get that Disney channel ending we got. 😄
moogle boogle
When GOT was good.
Cap't Toffee
And then they killed him. Murdered in an alley by cowards in masks. The signs of DnDs awful writing were there to behold for quite some time.
Aniket Mane
Lannister siblings are best actors in GoT. .
abhishek bisht
Is Ser Barriston better than Ser Arthur Dayne?
Lmao seeing how in season 8 Sandor kills the Kingsguard 4 on 1 in like 3 seconds and even he shits himself when Barristan draws his sword makes think he really was the greatest swordsman in westeros
Such a douchey move by Littlefinger
Jonathan Blaze
That room doesn't quite look the same anymore.
Debjit Paul
God I miss this GoT 😭😭😭
Ronnie J Dio
I knew things were.foing.south when grey worm os stabbed 95 xs by the harpies and loves because plot and selmy dies in the streets and Martin says well he is still alive in my books
Bhumit Muchhadia
"joffery didnt die on his watch"
Esper the Bard
Ahhh back when GoT was medieval fantasy with great writing.
Jordan Weir
mah boi selmy,
Truth of 73
Bam! “That just happened”
Sawyer K
RIP good writing
Mark Whalberg
Maybe I do need to read the books, because all I hear is that this dude is the greatest dude ever and he has like 1 fight scene in this show and he dies in it. Not seeing the appeal.
Kevin Coates
Gods, the writing used to be so much better.
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