Ser Barristan Selmy Quits Like Cersei & Ned - When You Play The Game 3 months ago   03:32

Awesome scene where Ser Barristan quits from service after being insulted with forced retirement.

"A hall to die in....and men to bury me!"

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@2:59 Notice when Baristan draws his sword even Sandor prepares to unsheath his. Because he knows Baristan really could cut through the five of them if he wanted to.
Victor Cristo
Janos Slynt (and the goldcloaks) don't seem able to draw a sword so close to Sir Barristan's unsheathed one.
Fear cuts deeper than swords.
Never understood why is this sellsword so beloved; dude has no true allegiance for no one, he basically fought for whoever gave him the job. Let's see, he fought for the Targaryen, the switch sides to the Baratheon's / Lannister's and then switched back to the Targaryens again.

THats no honor, just a glorified sellsword
Peter Griffin
Man this is such a great show.
One Life Man
Way to kick a pro player off your team
Crash Andersen
crazy cowgirl
do not quite get where that bother and sister came from
Jack McLean
You don't just dismiss the man who beat Duncan the Tall at 16.
black roses
"a hall to die in and men to bury me"

i mean, he's not wrong
black roses
"ur too old"

if he's too old then why are y'all scared and drawing ur swords when he drew his lmao
Ser Barristan Selmy's Top 10 Feats of Badassery
1.The Defiance of Duskendale
“2.Here, boy.”
3.Killed the last (?) Blackfyre, Maelys the Monstrous, after slicing through the Golden Company, thus ending the War of the Ninepenny Kings
4.Jousted in a tourney at age of ten, taking on Prince Duncan Targaryen
5.Took down the leader of the Kingswood Brotherhood
6.Killed a manticore with a stick
7.Knighted by Aerys V at 16 after overthrowing Prince Duncan and Ser Duncan the Tall in a tourney
8.Made Kingsguard at 23
9.Beat Rhaegar Targaryen to win the tourney at Storm’s End
10.Won the melee at Maidenpool
Kiran Joishi
Don't you compare Ser Barristan with any old Knight. He might cut your throat before you can even see the swing of the sword.
Huddy Bolly
God's, Pycelle is just the worst
Maniac 233
Barristan or Jamie in his prime? I feel like it would be a good fight
R2D2 from Star Trek
Later, in season six, the mountain reaches for his sword against Tommen’s men. There were less men to grab their swords then than there were in this clip.
Greg Alman
3:18 Barristan has possibly the best swagger I have ever seen.
Andrew A
No wonder he could cut them down the guy on the far right can't even put his sword away! 3:23
Livvy Rose
The sound of the doors opening/swords being sheathed echoing in the hall gives me goosebumps y'all
Peter Žiga
It is Val-El.
That Person
Ser Barristan doesnt have balls of steel... HE IS BALLS OF STEEL.
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Cersei & Ned - When You Play The Game Ser Barristan Selmy Quits Like 3 months ago   03:21

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