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VSU Virtual Tour is designed to enlighten incoming students on what it is like to be a Trojan. It covers many different aspects of university life.

Executive Producer: Elliott Lee
Producer: Nigel France
Director: Terrell Bratcher
Host & Hostess: LaCount Young & Chelsea Little-Hughes

Special thanks to the students, faculty, and staff who have helped to produce this video!

Disclaimer: I do not claim to own the music in this video. This production represents the views of some of the students and is not affiliated directly with Virginia State University. This video is a compilation of other videos and is intended for educational use only.

Correction: Virginia State University is Virginia's first land grant university instead of the first public HBCU

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Johnny Fuller
my HBCU and home away from home and family Virginia State University class of 1991
Nicely done! But drop one or both of those earrings. :-)
Traveling Nubian
ahhhh look at my Alma Mater stepping they game up
Kevin Heath
my boy white head at 3:40
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