Top Ten Must try Jamaican Foods 10 BEST Jerk Huts in Jamaica 5 months ago   07:11

Jamaican Things
Top Ten Must try Jamaican Foods

10. Manish Water
09. Fish Tea
08. Oxtail & Beans
07. Brown Stew Chicken
06. Stewed Peas

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Comments 134 Comments

Rocko 89
I'm moving to Jamaica 👍😁
Carol Wynter
Yes hater you may not like jamaican to each is own but I guarantee you more people love jamaican food than Haitian food that's a fact even some Haitians love jamaican food that's a fact and it is way more popular and known around the world than Haitian food period
Julio de Sa
great video. I have traveled to many countries in the Caribbean. Jamaica was one of my favorite places, it is incredibly beautiful. I recommend whoever goes eats CHEESY PATTIES. Incredible!! Check out on my channel! Not annoying typical videos, just music and sights :)
Garry P.
Good stuff man. Big up Jamaica and her culture in all it's form.
Patrick Harrison
wait likkle..jamaicans llike Ital and vegetarian food too
Teddy Isbell
I want some curry goat
red red
It look so good but i don't like the season i tried
Callum Simpson
You got to add festivals and fried dumpling, man I love jamaican food
Iron Oxide
Jerk food is always served with rice. No veggies. And everything is spicy. Never saw the soups. Nobody has breakfast. A vegan will starve to death. I lost 20 lbs in 10 days of my stay in Jamaica. I was hunting for food all the time and only found fried chicken, jerk chicken jerk beef, jerk lamb and a nasty fish that I got food poisoning from. People always try to sell you cocaine. Jamaica is dirty! Don’t go!
Melissa Minott
what about ackee and saltfish, coconut drops, curried goat , coconut drops, bread pudding and stew pork
Mickey Tellez
It's all good except goat. I hated it
i feel educated listening to her voice
Shawnna Fuller
E. D.
😋 😋 😋
Ep.10 Rodney’s Jamaican Soul Food⬇️
Beatriz Reis
ooooooo goodddddd
BillieBinks xo
Ackee and salt fish, my favouriteee im mixed raced i was always brought up with this😍😍
Olivia Tarantola
Ox tail and beens looks good.Brown stew chicken too.
Like these kind of foods.
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10 BEST Jerk Huts in Jamaica Top Ten Must try Jamaican Foods 5 months ago   06:41

Welcome to Jamaican Things... and today we'll be counting down Ten of the best Jerk Huts in Jamaica.

10. Fyah Side Jerk and Bar I Clarendon
09. Ultimate Jerk Centre I Discovery Bay
08. Sweetwood Jerk Joint I Kingston
07. Ocho Rios Jerk Centre I Ocho Rios
06. Boston Jerk Centre I Port Land

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