kendall jenner's brave coming Kylie Depressed Over Tyga 11 months ago   02:32

truly inspiring

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Che Rry
This goes to show that people are too quick to negative assumptions. The campaign probably wants to open your eyes to see things differently and to not be too quick to judge others. The ad was trying to get you all hooked. It's called marketing strategy.
Stephen Barnes
She had pimples
Zoe Warrener
All you lessening the impact acne has on a person have no idea what its like to go out and have people stare at you and call you ugly and tell you to wash like, it's that simple. I got bullied so bad even by family members, I never leave the house without make up otherwise people ask me whats wrong with my face, it can destroy your confidence . On another note proactive definetly didn't clear her skin. Makes me annoyed that these rich celebrities sell this crap just for money even tho they know how it feels to have acne themselves
pearl starkey
i was thinking she wanted to be a man... not being mean but it may run in the bloodline cause of kaitlyn/bruce....
chloe walsh
Shes such a fool
Linda Tohara
Lmbo if she was gay would it be shocking? New motto for 2020 nothing shocks me I am numb to all the nonsense that makes me insane. Time for peace and the Kardashian’s are anything but peaceful. I found Qi Qong time to check out from this poison.
Jordana Moura
Poor woman... She's been throughout such a heartbreaking situation!! 😥 May god help her and her family.🙌
leah rodriguez
Damn u really be out here lying
Kasparov The God of War
So brave

I totally moved

Acaxochitl Cavazos
😂 so brave.
SpiveyFamilyLove Vlogs
Ha ha ha that is so blah 😕 this family is great at building the climax over nothing. Lol 😂
Mary Maunsell
Awe leave the girl alone every hase something they dont like about there selfs have a bit of sempity for those bad skin know what it like.
I have nodes.
Vocal nodes.
Thankyou for your attention.
Wow boohoo she had a pimple..who didnt? These ppl have way too much time on their hands..
Nyari Fitness & Therapy
Very anticlimactic
anonimo anonimo
Are u kidding hahahha
Actually the most stupid thing I've seen since trump speech
Dottie E
I thought she was going to make a major announcement to help people. The big announcement was they are whoring out Proactive? Jesus, send some of your whore money to poor people who can’t eat or don’t have a place to sleep.
What a crock of shit
Philip Addis
Wise up
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Kylie Depressed Over Tyga kendall jenner's brave coming 11 months ago   03:39

Caitlyn offers Kylie the comfort of a chicken during this trying time.

#kylie&tyga #hayu #lifeofkylie

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