Tesla Slump Reflects Growing Why Norway is full of Teslas 1 day ago   03:33

Wall Street Journal
Tesla CEO Elon Musk said 2019 would bring an affordable electric car built in a new factory in China. But as WSJ’s Tim Higgins reports, investors may be losing confidence in that plan. Photo illustration: Laura Kammermann

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The facts are the facts, Tesla cant make a profit, deal with it fan boys.
Bruce Gardner
Another ICE-Hole hit piece with no basis in fact.
George Costarica
Must is the Trump of technology
571 salty, brainwashed Tesla sheeps have disliked this video.
Zachary Murphy
Why does tesla hag 've these models model s model 3 model x model y
Chansai Commerce17
Wall Street Jokes
eric oster
Efficient gas/electric hybrids are the future for a while, sorry. Unless you find it convenient driving an hour to find a charging station, then sitting and waiting 20min for a charge. Total drive time on a charge is what 2-3 hrs? No thanks. Self driving? Get real. Didn't a self driving Tesla already run over a poor old woman who stepped out in the street? Building a giant plant in China? Big mistake. China is in a giant recession and dropping because they messed with the wrong orange man. Keep it simple, not a tough concept.
Guy Chapman
Said a whole lot of nothing
American Company that we should be proud of and route for not hate on! Check out the facts before you hate. https://up-tube.com/upvideo/ZvQJtu7wuGR
Tim King
In one word I can tell you what the problem is: Trump
Andre P
Stock is don because the shorts are selling 30% of the stock...
Dave Martin
Here's some insight on Tesla's position in China from someone who actually lives there and makes his living analyzing the Chinese automotive market. The Tesla bit starts at 15:05: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/KdyGmH52xtH&g=906f
Steve i
The media machine has it out for tesla. Big oil and big auto want nothing more than for Tesla to fail.
A Name
Why do y’all shit on everybody
Should You Buy TESLA at $180!? Elon Musk https://up-tube.com/upvideo/h6p-tAzPczj via @YouTube
This video does not do justice to the progress of Tesla's China Gigafactory. https://up-tube.com/upvideo/muzKyiVa7ID. shows the true progress.
Nick Bellic
how much do they cost to make and how much do they sell them for?
Stephen E.P.
About 1/3rd of TLSA stock is SHORTED. SHORTS "gamble" is partly sponsored by BIG OIL$, @t INDUSTRY$, corporate media$... in a systematic pump to drive this stock down. The inevitable future is tomorrow..., not based on the foibles of our past. ADVICE to those smart people who short TLSA, make your $ now, sooner than you think you and your sponsors will be loosing more than last year. Now go find your other brain cell...Disgusting behavior, $ must TRUMP your children"s future. SEEMS we have a theme here.
Margarita Martinez
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Why Norway is full of Teslas Tesla Slump Reflects Growing 1 day ago   07:10

Oslo is the Tesla capital of the world.

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I spent a day in Oslo before traveling to Svalbard, and noticed that there were Teslas everywhere. Upon further investigation, I learned that the Norwegian government heavily incentivizes ownership of electric cars: Tesla doesn't pay a sales tax on the models it sells, electric car owners are exempt from automobile tolls, and they can charge their vehicles for free. The catch is that Norway funds these initiatives through its sovereign wealth fund, which is almost entirely comprised of profits from Norway's oil and fossil fuel exports.

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