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Should You Buy A Sport Bike Or Sports | Rebuilding (And Modifying) A Destroyed - At Up-Tube.com

Should You Buy a Sport Bike or Sports Rebuilding (And Modifying) A DESTROYED 2 days ago   10:04

Cars, Costs and Technology
Are you trying to decide between buying a new sports car or a street bike? In this video I share a few of my thoughts and experiences after owning both.

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Cars, Costs and Technology
New pictures of the bike coming soon on Instagram 🔥
Follow here 👇🏼
Chris Dominguez
After owning multiple GSXR 1000’s and then purchasing a C7, I can safely say I’d never go back to the bike. Riding a bike was mentally taxiing, especially in Denver with traffic. I feel safer in a car if something were to ever happen.
Dead Pool
Car Is Best
Brice Brady
Hey man I live in Greenville SC and own a full bolt on’s/camed 700whp c7 Zo6 if you want to review it. It's going to vengeance racing in a month to get the new maggy 2650 which should put it well over 800whp.
Hey man I live like hour away now( i moved) if your wanting to ride and get some videos thier spot open. Ready to see your c8 soon??( 06 cbr1000rr with cam)
What bike are you riding on? How do you like it? I am shopping for a sport bike also. By the way how do you like the area where you live?
that 999 guy
4:17 There's full suits for bikers with airbags.. they're like 1k though
Charlie Lugo
Just subscribed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeffrey Wilkins
Are you riding HWY 11?
Eric Meyer
We need corvettes!
Lord Skyrider
As a Corvette lover I really enjoy your channel , keep up the good work!
Carter Weaver
As always, love your videos 👍
fxu z
not a bike, bye
Yo Girlfriends Crush
I got both! 2010 GS and a 2007 Gixxer 750!
just got left audio on my headphones just heads up
Bob Mrkus
What motorcycle are you riding?
Fritzgerald Lebour
Keep them, have them both if at all possible.
Steve S.
This video brought back fond memories of my riding days. Miss them! Good to have you back. Maybe, a long wait on C8 or at least longer than anticipated. Is that a NC highway?
Where was the road you were driving on in the video?
Be careful with that bike. I learned my lesson. I live in L.A. totally different beast. Straight city all day... a litre bike will be faster than 99.999999% of all the cars on the road. Respect that speed and power. I wish I could drive my bike on your roads. Mine R1 sits in the garage depreciating. Bike vs Anything is null n void. You gotta be @1000hp + in any vette to even come close to 1000cc. Good luck and ride safe please. It's not you.. its the people around you that will kill you.
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Rebuilding (And Modifying) A DESTROYED Should You Buy a Sport Bike or Sports 2 days ago   36:56

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Today, I rebuild a wrecked and flooded BMW Z4, with a little help from Chris from B is for Build. (http://bit.ly/2X4kzhr)
Okay, a lot of help. And no sleep. This is gonna be good. Thanks to BC Racing, Konig Wheels, Nitto Tires, and ECS Tuning for the support on this build!

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