AN ARTIST GIVES BARBIE AND MONSTER Barbie - The Elf on the Shelf and Tommy’s First 1 year ago   18:31

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Check out this amazing compilation of dolls transformation and you'll be impressed!

Maryna is a doll artist from Belgium. For several years already, she's created textile dolls and fashionable clothes for Barbie dolls. Maryna also loves to transform and restore Barbie and Monster High dolls, and she does it in an amazing way!

In her Poppen Atelier, Maryna gives a second life to second-hand dolls that she picks up from all across Belgium. She has a collection of almost twenty Monster High dolls waiting for a makeover!

Maryna reveals the detailed repainting process on her YouTube channel, and she also creates personalized dolls and doll clothes to order. Every doll is unique!


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Sailor Marsh
Okay but why is the finished look only for a little bit at the end with thumbnails from other videos. Too much unnecessary time spent on the proccess, not enough on the product. It was annoying waiting for a reveal and only seeing the painstakingly long proccess on more than one dolls. Dislike
deborah DeborahR
Garage sales and thrift stores?
Who can afford to buy these new and make any profit?
Truth Matters
Now I’m wondering what kinda pencils those are. Usually a pencil wouldn’t show up like this.
Angela D.
help me, I tried to paint the eyes with crayons, like in the video, but the color doesn't remain imprinted!
Tina aus Görlitz
Família Arce da Silva
Sabes me dizer que lápis é usado????
Gil Gil
which sort of pens does she use? good job...very cleaver.
Autumn Phillips
Unnng that blushing
Maria Jose Aguilar
Woow ❤😍
The Barbie would be a great design for the White Witch of Narnia!
PhDr. Adriana Koucunová
Nice, miss me deacription of color. What is it? The name of pencil.
jasmim Ribeiro
Melissa Praxedes
I love that channel!!
Lorena Rigüela Aroca
Muy chulo el video
Nastya Khorkova
Первая Бель лутше
Julia The suga bear
I watch her
Gyzalya Fasaxova
Griss ramos
Lindas piezas pero son como muy prototipo perfeccionista cabello rubio y ojos verdes o azules o apariensia sexualisada y exotica 😧😧😧😧😧 aun asi me gusta la tecnica del lapiz
xxAly Huang5
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Barbie - The Elf on the Shelf and Tommy’s First AN ARTIST GIVES BARBIE AND MONSTER 1 year ago   08:48

Elfie, the Elf on the Shelf, is keeping a close eye on the girls before Christmas and it's nearly Tommy's first birthday!

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