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08. my hair is looking like a hot mess but IT'S OKAY! here are 10 things I had to get used to living in Korea that I didn't really see coming/wasn't really prepared for. recorded this about a month ago but never got around to posting it.. more videos coming soon :D

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have an amazing day! :)

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Payal Naik
You are so beautiful with that even skin tone and beautiful eyes
Selome Tesfaye
your very pretty
omg my american korean friend tried to jaywalk and he got stopped by a police!!! so weird!! but if i ever do jaywalk i always do it when other people are ㅋㅋ
Wait they don’t eat at restaurants
Not sure how long ago this video was made, but they flush their poo-poo paper in most parts of Korea now.

I lived in Daejeon and Busan and folks flushed their teepee papers in most of the bathrooms I used.

Jaywalking was never an issue for me either. Did it all the time even though I'm an Irish-looking American who sticks out like a sore thumb. Jay-running is more like it as I always ran like hell across the street to avoid getting clipped. Lol
They don’t say “bless you” in Taiwan either
Teddy K. Banza
Hello Miss, thanks for your columns ! you dit it !
yeab aklilu
hello cutie..thanks for the experience you shared to all over the world..I am planning to study my bachelor in south korea so i need more information so please hit me up
malisia evelyn
sounds about the same here in Taiwan except for the grown men puking (they spit in front of you though).
Noodles haHaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Somebody in the comment section
hi can you tell me the name of the song in the background playing.
Naomi Kwon
The driving thing reminds me of San Francisco! xD And driving with my friend's dad, a German guy! He drives like a bat out of hell in a GIANT truck and then complains how Americans drive too slow! I'll be used to that hahaha
Steve Trucker
You sound more like American than Canadian.
Hannah McPhail
So many similar things in VNM!
Living On Word
Please do a Q&A? Also highkey you are gorgeous. that is all.
100% Here to promo a Q&A when you have time though :)
Von Miller
subscribed just bc youre so pretty
Thank you for not uploading videos with the length of 15min ^^ it's so rare to find such "short" but really good and informative videos!! so thank you for this :)
Athian tiller《LIT BOY》
u so cute ...😍😍😍
Annice Asare
Subscribed after the first video I watched
wow, you're beautiful, and great video..
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Teaching English in Korea - Application Living in Korea - A 'Heads Up' 3 months ago   04:56

Alrighty. I tried to be as factual and non-opinionated/biased as possible. My memory is a little foggy as this was all over a year ago for me.. To sum it all up - I applied through ACLIPSE. ALSO to add - you do NOT need TEFL !!!!


your pay depends on your credentials / education level / experience, so it would help you get some extra mulaa

I might do a follow up video to talk about training week and stuff once you get to Korea.. let me know if any of you would be interested in that! :)

Happy Easter!

camera: sonya500
IG / SC: ewnett