PHOTOGRAPHER CONFESSIONS Taking Pictures of Strangers in TOKYO 1 day ago   10:40

Jessica Kobeissi
Photographers confess their secrets. I react to them.



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Lucid Paralysis
But can I have all the RAWs though?!?!?
Ashley Cleveland
If I would have known this video was gunna be this funny, I would not have chosen to listen to this while working in a quiet office.
They thought I was crazy! Great Topic!
Villasappho Liesbeth
I ones did a photoshoot of a tinted guy. He was not black just a lighter shade. He was beautiful perfect amazing and I was so happy with the photos. When I posted them He made himself lighter like almost blank on every pic. Not just him the hole pic.
Nawraa Abbas Ali
08:12 THAT'S SO ME 😂😂😂
7:29 wow. Relatable.
Sritama Bhattacharyya
I've had quite a few instances of rushing the editing process, but this one instance, I had delivered photographs to the client and was yet to receive any payment. An hour later, I got a call from their assistant saying that they'll only pay for half the photos because they only like half the lot. I was glad I kept my calm and reasoned with them that that's not how it works. The number of difficult clients is never ending. Also, I don't work with clients who are rude or lack the basic manners, when I meet them first.
Kane Town Music
That's my wife
Bli Cahaya
On a retouch problems, usually I've come up w'ith things like " Yes, you don't see it don't you? that's mean my sh*t was natural"
Dominic Pascal
2:58 So for a male photographer to post half naked women it is not ok but it would be for a woman … according to this person?
Double standards with probably some intended insinuation.
Mohammed Azharuddin
A kinda long story, I wonder if anybody would read this 😄, and pardon my English.

I once took my camera to a friends engagement (big mistake) and did the shoot for free, I had to travel around 200Kms on my motorbike and I reached home late night and got sick I guess it's because of all the dust and cold weather, and then the friend started asking me for the photos the next day and I requested him to wait for few days as I'm sick, after 2days he came back again and I got mad as I was still sick and I just decided to finish it off even though I wasn't feeling good, also during the engagement i overheard my friends mum having a chat with another lady that my friend dragged me all the way to take photos (it was in a bossy tone) like I'm some slave. I kept this to myself and I decided not to do a free shoot for friends and family from now on. And after few months my friend had a pre-wedding ceremony and invited me to be a part of it, I was happy and I decided not to take the camera because I wanted to be a part of the ceremony and just enjoy the day and when I arrived there he asked me why didn't I bring my camera, I made up an excuse, and he asked another friend to get his camera and they handed it over to me, I was mad but I smiled through it and took the photos during the ceremony and at the end of the day he told me to bring my camera tomorrow for the wedding and for the post-wedding ceremony, I said alright and I switched off my phone for the next 2days.
Mohammed Azharuddin
Guys what do you have to say about the client asking for the RAW files?
(Unless it wasn't the part of the contract to start with)
Image-I-Nation Photography
Love the NY ACCENT X
Ouss Ko
Hate when clients post pictures on instagram with ugly filters, so it kind of ruins the picture and I endup happy with no photo credit.
Michael Lim Photography
I had a client and asked me to slim her down... after she got her photos she complained that she is too fat and her make up is not good!
Panagiotis Tsiverdis
I actually like when people ask me whether I've retouched their photos.. That means that I didn't overdo it with the retouching and that the results came out as natural as it gets..
Anthony PC
I honestly am happy to voluntarily be the photographer at things like family reunions. Gives me something more enjoyable to do than stand around awkwardly, making small talk with distant relatives who's names I'm embarrassed to not remember.

Of course I'll ask to get compensated with something other than cannolis if it's not family or good friends.
Anthony PC
2:56 . hm. unless there's more context to this I'm just not assuming, it sounds like this is just a prude with rage issues.
Hope s/he gets over that
Amara Knutson
Hi I love your earrings where’s did you get them !!
As Told By Brittany D
This was hilarious. Things to look forward too 😂😂
Laney Katherine
does anyone know where to find that popsocket???
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Taking Pictures of Strangers in TOKYO PHOTOGRAPHER CONFESSIONS 1 day ago   13:09

Photographer Kayleigh June and I visit Tokyo, Japan to approach strangers and ask them if they'd like their photo taken!
Thank you to all the beautiful people who stopped to let us photograph them!

Photographer Kayleigh

Kayleigh's Youtube Channel

*Any disrespectful or rude comments aimed at any of the models featured in this video will be immediately deleted* They did us a favor by taking time out of their day to allow us to photograph them. Without them, we would not have this video. So please let's be kind!

Thank you to our amazing videographer COLA!