On Court with USPTA: Improved Modern Tennis Forehand Technique 10 months ago   20:46

United States Professional Tennis Association

Over the years, USPTA Master Professional Rick Macci has been training top athletes on how to hit the most effective forehand. Introduced by Rick for the first time in this episode, he explains that it's all about reducing the range of motion for a faster and more explosive forehand. He'll cover all the key points that you need to know and take a player from his old forehand to hitting the shot with this new and improved technique. This is an episode of "On Court with USPTA" that you just have to see!

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He talks about elbow extension, yet most people play with a certian bend in their arm. This is no problem right? Its about extending the furthest you can without being uncomfortable right?
I had basically no backswing at first, then I learned myself and big one like the player in this video before. Now I see I need to shorten it again, just a little bit like this guy. Thisss is hard lol. Felt like my forehand was better with my ''no backswing''. Any tips here USPTA?
Theo Berman
This was an amazing video. I can hit my forehand a lot better now.
Why was I so entertained? I'm confused.
Spinner Channel
This kid can play college not on the tour sorry.
Omar Sultanov
Just finished watching Medvedev Zverev in London. One of the reason Medvedev lost tonight, as well as two last matches to Rafa is his 19th century FH.
Rick Macci could greatly help Medvedev. Just wonder why French can't help Medvedev with this? It's so obvious shortcoming 😱
Cooldog Bearbutt
Less bombast, more details. How did it take 3 minutes to actually start saying anything of substance!
Mert Ali Karadağ
Thanks coach, ı'll change my forehand dynamics after 8 years..
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Peppino Acrivulis
this is a great teacher..impressive...
Andrei Pokrovsky
Jacopo Valtellina
This guys is so likeable to me, ha has great teaching approach and techniques and he seems like a really good man.
Victor Kalatozov
It is made much easier, you miss one small element that will launch all these technical details automatically
Design Studio
But getting the top loop out of the backswing may be the most important thing to simplify the racquet path. Pulling the racquet straight back and dropping the head with a twisting brushing up and thru the ball follow thru will be easier to master.

Macci is using a flat loop take back but I always hit with a slightly bent arm to prevent tennis elbow.
Design Studio
Federers is not a good style to model a forehand on. He slides his back pivot foot backwards instead of just spinning it.
He does this because he is not getting enough power from his flawed mechanics and to rotate the front hip away from the back side of hip.And in essence has a semi closed stance. His wrist closing is also late.
His motion is highly idiosyncratic and works for him but required perfect timing.
His wrist does not close in a coordinated movement. i would look at Agassi's and Sampras and Jokers motions.
Jeff USPTA pro
Rogério B.
wow! great lesson. thank you!
This kid is 65 years old now!
fawad khan
Did he say MRI :)
Dwight Keller-Williams
already do this.
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Modern Tennis Forehand Technique On Court with USPTA: Improved 10 months ago   11:50

Modern Tennis Forehand Technique