5 Times Deontay Wilder SHOCKED TOP 10 P4P HARDEST PUNCHERS IN BOXING 2019 5 days ago   10:25

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Deontay Wilder looks to secure his 40th knockout victory this weekend, against Dominic Breazeale. From a bout that brings drama, bad blood and an opportunity to send a statement to the rest of the division.. Here we look at five times Deontay Wilder shook the boxing world.

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Keeks The Culture•holic
Bro I don’t know who has this channel but when the AJ v Wilder fight is made we need an hour long video. There is soo much that would lead up to that fight to go over.
Ostap Ostapov
Usyk will finish you 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦
man i dont wilder to ever lose. Much love from albuquerque. #Underdog #notsupposedtobehere #theylovetohate
Ronnie Patrick
The fucking fury idiot will be knocked out Ruiz is getting the same. Print this post. Sometimes dejavu is your payday impact
The Lonely Poet
Wilder will always be my favorite, even if he loses
Jerry Alexander
So Stiverne tells Wilder that he's trying to catch a case and nobody bats an eye.. Wilder comes out and says he wants to catch a body and the world goes crazy about how he shouldn't say that and how much of a horrible person he is for saying it..
john loza
he was much scarier before he tried to be scary
His power is unfair...
Kokodeah Kokodeah
The only style can defeat wilder mike Tyron's style close fight
Егоръ Шаманинъ
Boxing world being shocked by draw with Fury cause Tyson absolutely won.
Илья Будылин
What is the first song in the video called? Thank you in advance. And Wilder is the real beast!
Chace Mobbs
UK fighters dropping like flies, lol
Stephen T
Fury got robbed
Isaac Salinas
Now its 11 times out of 10
viking saxon
// These Groids Only Fight The Ones Who Cannot Fight, A Good Fighter Would Wip His Chocolate Back End. !!
The draw decision against Fury was total bullshit!
Creative Rod
I’m here after that devastating knockout lol. He still the man at this point
Nate one
He says some wild things lol
Smooth Criminal
They will always hate 😆 😆 losers have nothing else to do..
Its unfair he is black
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TOP 10 P4P HARDEST PUNCHERS IN BOXING 2019 5 Times Deontay Wilder SHOCKED 5 days ago   13:31

Epic countdown of the 10 hardest P4P punchers in boxing 2019.

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