5 Times Deontay Wilder SHOCKED TOP 10 P4P HARDEST PUNCHERS IN BOXING 2019 3 months ago   10:25

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Deontay Wilder looks to secure his 40th knockout victory this weekend, against Dominic Breazeale. From a bout that brings drama, bad blood and an opportunity to send a statement to the rest of the division.. Here we look at five times Deontay Wilder shook the boxing world.

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Keeks The Culture•holic
Bro I don’t know who has this channel but when the AJ v Wilder fight is made we need an hour long video. There is soo much that would lead up to that fight to go over.
Martin S
Banana pudding?
Kir Boobs
I can beat him with a knife
Hit The whip
Tyson is better
free agenda
Wow, first time to see the fight of the heavy wieght, looks like the the battle of the titan.
David Johnson
Josh to worried on how good he looks not how good he boxes
Mark flores
If this man don't stop exalting and praising himself he will be brought down by God because ultimately God almighty is to be exalted not ourselves.
TitaniumPlayzZ OP
Wilder vs Pacqiuao
Is Breazeale ok??
Ja’lin Tashon
Check My Song “My Brothers” Out🖤⚠️
Mike Arnoni
U forgot about his only loss.....Charlie Z the goat
Jay McA.Projects
Floyd would finish him in less than 30 sec
Lee Amra
the Winner from AJ vs. Andy MUST face Wilder!!!
The only way someone is getting in there, not getting knocked out/down and then winning, is if they went in there with the intention of killing the man.
Ajeya Arya
Tyson Fury sucks Wilder's balls. He simply lost that fight by getting knocked down twice.
Kingsive 66
What a god
Wilder's footwork? On a separate clip?
Never once in his career as this man shocked the world. Cherry picker
bobby Hernandez
Strongest boxing in the word is my idol
Silver Fox
It’s embarrassing the way AJ camp been ducked wilder!!
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TOP 10 P4P HARDEST PUNCHERS IN BOXING 2019 5 Times Deontay Wilder SHOCKED 3 months ago   13:31

Epic countdown of the 10 hardest P4P punchers in boxing 2019.

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