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Netflix’s Velvet Buzzsaw ending explained will probably leave you with a few more questions - like what’s up with all the cats in Velvet Buzzsaw? Well, we have no idea, so let’s just skip that part, but for the rest of the movie, we think we’ve got it covered. At the least, you have to admit that it’s the best artworld satire horror mashup of all time. The Jake Gyllenhaal Netflix movie certainly straddles a line between horror and dark comedy. Is Velvet Buzzsaw a dark comedy? Kinda… Is Velvet Buzzsaw a horror movie? Eh… kinda. At its heart, Velvet Buzzsaw is a satire, and a deep satire of art and the artworld in general.

Here’s the most important takeaway from Velvet Buzzsaw: The artworld is phoney and all the prices are overblown. If you accept that, then the rest of the film makes sense. The robot Hoboman represents this in a nutshell. Gyllenhaal’s Morf Vandewalt pans the work early in the film, and in turn ruins the life of the artist - despite everyone else liking the work. It’s the power of the critic that is the main critique of Velvet Buzzsaw - and that’s why the deus ex machina is the art - sweeping at the last second to play the role of the bad guy. The art coming to life isn’t the only bad guy: when you think about it, Morf Vandewalt, Rhodora Haze, Jon Dondon, and Vetril Dease are all bad guys. That’s the point - everyone in Velvet Buzzsaw is a bad guy. In the end, the art, as art, wins.

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Final exhibition | 0:19
Killer comedy | 1:19
Death of the artist | 2:15
Morf's role | 3:08
Dease: Nuts | 4:43
People start dying | 5:30
The velvet buzzsaw | 7:00
Art for art's sake | 8:29
Soul survivors | 10:00

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What did you think of Velvet Buzzsaw? Horror enough? Satire enough?
Stephen Jacewicz
How come Coco didn't find all of the bodies and only most? Curious....
Aya A.
I like the ending with Piers and I'm glad he's happy and safe. lol
Fareen Mohamed
I watched this last night. I was expecting Coco to be somehow connected to Dease or the supernatural element and the deaths.
It was spooky how the art that redora turned over exactly depicted her death

As for Dease, I hope they make a sequel or prequel with John Malcovichs character as he figures out what gave power to Dease's paintings.

The soundtrack was amazing and Jake, played his role really well
Aaron Merkel
Two of the characters turned out to be nice in the end, but they were still killed.
Debby R
Not saying Gilroy stole this, but in the novel Predestined, an out of print inspiration of The Great Gatsby that Fitzgerald admired personally, the protagonist Felix’s father is revealed to be a homeless, alcoholic artist who scrawls art in the dirt with his fingers and quickly erases it.
The Void
One thing I don't get : what is the purpose of John Malkovitch's character ? Should be understand that he's the only one who doesn't die because he cared about art more than money ?
Javier Chacin
This breakdown was more interesting than the movie.
Puday Daku
I love your content and way you speak, some youtubers are keen on shouting which is painful to the ears.
Eleni M
anyone else notice how when rhodora was sitting with the cat in the final scene it mirrored the art on the wall?
Meagan Collins
I disagree. I think the guy at the end is gonna die too, and when the people who bought the art end up selling it , they'll die too. It's like pandora's box was opened. A similar ending to truth or dare.
Meagan Collins
I thought coco was gonna be the killer. That would've been a better movie.
Chris Kopitskie
I’d smash Toni Collette
When morph was getting chased. I never been more terrified. The way the robot just ran scared me.
xxItsEddie Payanxx
Anyone else confused why norf didn't fight vack againt Hoboman i mean morf is fucking muscular he coulda broke that pos robot instead got neck twisted...
Carina Grajales
Those who didn’t like the movie and though it was boring, is simply because they are unable to understand the deep meaning of the message. The point wasn’t to be a scary movie, or to show gruesome scenes of deaths. You simply don’t get it.
Carina Grajales
It was definitely different, and a good movie.
Mariana Machado
I loved this review! I thought the film was about this but I was a little unsure about some details.
Timothy Marsh
Wow three adds in a 10 minute video? Downvote
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The Most Expensive Items In American Velvet Buzzsaw Ending Explained 10 months ago   06:22

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