SCAMMERS are Everywhere in CHINA! Why is VENEZUELA a CATASTROPHY? - VisualPolitik EN 2 months ago   27:18

Traveller beware, China is a wonderful place to visit but you are very likely to get scammed, and not just the occasional traveller, everyone! Knowledge is Power, and even if you live here you have to be on your guard. Scamming is a part of daily life in one way or the other, but armed with this knowledge, you should be able to avoid the worst scams and have an amazing experience travelling throughout China.

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Sumit Verma
I don't know why western people finds bargain rude because it's fun. It's just that u have to b persistent to buy the product at the price u wish.
Dom Gia
They remind me of Ferengi
look how nosey everyone is
Very unfortunate China is not Tourist friendly. Wish they get their act together. Because they will do really well if they do.
brian conner
Makes me very happy to live in America. We are not perfect by any means but we are a lot less corrupt.
brian conner
I think I’ll just stay away from China.
Ай-Das ist fantastisch
7:40 is it normal to bring phone in the box when you go abroad
Oso Polar
We should not let these Communist into the USA. We have enough problems already.
I live in US .. when I got to the Supermarket I always look at the label to see where it's from and if it says China I don't buy it. Other products I'm very iffy with too ... I will only buy Chinese if I can't find another product from another country. Not that I don't like China, but I just don't trust them to be hygienic with food and I wouldn't put it pass them to use dangerous chemicals into their products.
As a Chinese, I need to say, 能骗就骗 is not a Chinese idiom. And you piece of shit, use a fake identity to scam money in China and make some videos in Chinese to say how good China is to make money from Chinese people. And you just turn around make English videos on YouTube to say how bad China is to all over the world. I can't say everything you said is false, but over half of them is talking rubbish, just like 能骗就骗. I wanna say, double-dealing is a typical style of scumbag
Gilbert Osuna
BOTTOM LINE don't GO to China. Plenty of other places to visit where English is known or at least Spoken even if it's a Bit Broken, but FUN to try and
America is the most blessed country in the entire Universe. We have some of the greatest sites in the world. We have all 4 seasons and even have Summer and Winter going on at the same time. I can never see the allure to go to places like china or Europe... to do what? See the Eiffel Tower? If I want to enjoy the beach outside of America I go to the Caribbean. Skiing ...we have Colorado. Monumental buildings ... Washington DC. It's all here at a very reasonable price. And don't forget that you can see this country on videos ... that's enough for me.
Kevin Ryall
Nihoa!!! I Wish I had seen these Vlogs before I travelled to China years ago. I could write a book on the many scams I came across. But scams happen everywhere I have travel not only in China. Locals see a Western face and automatically see a potential ATM machine. Be a vigilant tourist. Even with all those crooks on the streets, there are honest locals who yes, want a selfie with a westerner.... and are excited to meet you. Yes... it sucks to be scammed and leaves you with a very bad taste on your mouth regarding that country. The sad thing happening now is that Chinese people are travelling more in recent years and are taking these " locally accepted customs" with them to other countries and are building a very bad reputation for the Chinese tourist. I loved my many trips to China but I had to learn the hard way about all those ruthless people working the streets and ripping off tourists. Great tips on your Vlogs. Xiexie in :)
Jedi Radek Crif
11:26 "now please take a hike if you don't mind..." Ahahaha that's so rich man loved it! Lolol
Why are you even in China lol
Zheng Zeng
why you not just leave China????
sounds like you just shouldn't go to china.
Where on earth is he walking to?
Donovan Yamada
Another great video. Thanks again
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Why is VENEZUELA a CATASTROPHY? - VisualPolitik EN SCAMMERS are Everywhere in CHINA! 2 months ago   09:40

It wasn’t so long ago that Venezuela was the wealthiest nation in the entire of South America. Today, half of their population lives in extreme poverty. So, the question is… How did they end up there? What did their government do so wrong to destroy an economy in so little time? Today, we are gonna tell you the story.

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