SCAMMERS are Everywhere in CHINA! Why is VENEZUELA a CATASTROPHY? - VisualPolitik EN 2 weeks ago   27:18

Traveller beware, China is a wonderful place to visit but you are very likely to get scammed, and not just the occasional traveller, everyone! Knowledge is Power, and even if you live here you have to be on your guard. Scamming is a part of daily life in one way or the other, but armed with this knowledge, you should be able to avoid the worst scams and have an amazing experience travelling throughout China.

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also the taxis will charge you more when it is raining and say its because of the "rain tax" and if you protest the police will not help you
Frank Lord
Time to back home, where everyone is an angle, even night is not dark.
The earliest and biggest scammers were the East Indian Corporation and Hudsons Bay companies, effectively the British Empire. They were the greatest drugs trafficers and dealers.
Go Mo
London scammers are the best :)...dont forget they go door to door with all kind of stories abusing the kind hearted people. I mean, funny how you make china sounds scary, and your self said they hardly have violent crimes. Once again, violent crimes happen on daily basis in place like London New York etc, people get mugged at knife point, or simply beaten and robbed, people even end up killed...on daily basis. But speaking on the scam thing, in places like London there are lot of legal scam going on. Lots of fake agencies in employment that do not sort you a job but just trick you to sell you certifications, especially in areas like Care, Hospitality etc. ...You mate shall go back and explore your own country, lots of people will be thankful to see your nice overviews on specific topics that matter to fresh londoners :)
Julio Alfaro
Common sense isn't common.... that's very clear
Chris Searle
Hmm, travelled widely in China, never been scammed, never met a scammer. Advice about taxi drivers applies to many places in the world.
Tony Moretti
China is no where near as bad as Mexico
varghese john
English think everyone should speak english. How many english police speak chinese?l
varghese john
English are the biggest scammers. They stole so much from many countries. Our kohinoor is still in britain. They stole from aborginnees,maories, from africa and the list goes on.
Ed McGovern
Ahh, using a "Navy Seal" to co brand a holster for sat slobs who think they are Rambo and will likely blow their own balls off #MAGA
John Ta
10:58. Watch out those 5 year olds are trying to scam you.
These are Shit Jews!!!!
Cheap, shitty versions of JEWS!!!!
The hell with the host!
Rod Collins
Chinese have no conscience look at milk powder poisoning, culture??
What a bunch of animals
I've always liked going to China. But I"ve expected every person I talk to is going to lie about something or try and scam me - because that's what Chinese do everywhere they are. But then so do Arabs (Saudi, Egypt, etc) So do Irish Travellers in London. Just refuse everything that's offered to you. Find the things you want and have an idea what you want to pay in your own money and make an offer first. Also think - Am I buying this just because I'm China - or because I really want it? I like bargaining with them though. Especially the women, because they seem to enjoy the bargaining process more. Sometimes the grumpy shop owners are the funniest. I've seen many Westerners (Americans especially) who get pissed off and start being rude to shop owners, just because they're uncomfortable with the whole thing. All part of experiencing the World though isn't it? Just keep your wits about you and be safe. You wouldn't follow a stranger to a strange bar in your home city would you? Why do it on holidays?
richard blanchard
so china been Americanized
Bud M.
Daniel Blackwolf
So because you have a moral Center and you think that everyone you come across is kind and willing to help you out and not try to take advantage of you..the Chinese see this as a weakness so they purposely try to take advantage of foreigners... guess what I'm 6ft 2 to and 230 lb maybe I should use my Superior physical strength and start taking their shit away from them... it's the same type of logic their weaker and smaller..... why the fuck would anyone would want to go to China when they have this moral bankrupt centre to their culture.....
Apakhumhe Emmanuel
This is basically Asian Nigeria
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Why is VENEZUELA a CATASTROPHY? - VisualPolitik EN SCAMMERS are Everywhere in CHINA! 2 weeks ago   09:40

It wasn’t so long ago that Venezuela was the wealthiest nation in the entire of South America. Today, half of their population lives in extreme poverty. So, the question is… How did they end up there? What did their government do so wrong to destroy an economy in so little time? Today, we are gonna tell you the story.

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