To Save The World Scientists Are Bringing Creatures More Terrifying Than 1 week ago   11:25

The world is heating up from global warming. Scientists all over the world are sweating in the rising heat to try and find a solution and it may involve the woolly mammoth.
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C R E E P 10 J U S
What qbout dinosaurs ?
C R E E P 10 J U S
Peoples: Save the trees.
Facts: theyre causing global warming.
Peoples: destruy trees!!!
Chenzo D
Oh No! The world is ending

Manny from ice age— nOt iF i hAvE aNytHiNg to sAy aBout iT.... AND I DO
Skullrator Plays
They'll fail because...

When the nature doesn't want something... Nature finishes it
Edit:also God wanted to human live that's the reason dinosaurs and other were extinct and even if they success they'll fail because mammoth need more ice than Antarctica xD
Ethan Suvanto
Can scientists really make the mammoth into a hybrid to clone it?
how bout scientists just make an elephant GMO (basically modify their dna) and give them furr and make them frienslier. (reducing the anger hormone or something). IM A GENIUS

edit :typos
Tidepool Clipper
They would have to do WAY more than juts bring back one animal species to truly save Earth.

What good is it when the plastic ocean continues to exist?
Γιωργος Γαλανακης
Im so happy for that. Also they have to bring back dinosaurs to destroy all of these factories that cause damage to out Earth.
How the fuck is this going to save the world
Mr Random Videos
Can you speak English please
The earth is cooling.
Foxy The Pirate Fox
What about Mastodont?
pickle gunz
Just pray
Ash brown_gurl_fj
Jakey Poooh
Solution: Solar panels
Man is kind is annoyingling stupid just let global warming play through pray let god handle it u cant control everything
I know annoyingling is not a word
Routanne the Gamer
So wait, are we supposed to be preserving forests or tearing them down?
Eric Otter
Chris Shook
It's not right to bring the mammoths back and leave the cave bear, the Direwolf or the smilodon extinct. Is they bring the mammoths back than they need to bring back the other animals that went extinct during the ice age otherwise that's just people being selfish.
Meme Student
Wtf how does that animal help the world?
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Creatures More Terrifying Than To Save The World Scientists Are Bringing 1 week ago   02:11