The Decline of Blockbuster...What Happened? Top 10 Failed McDonald’s Products 1 day ago   12:43

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Today Blockbuster is effectively gone, but there was a time when they were the standard for movie rentals. This video takes an in depth look into the rise, decline, and attempts to answer the question of what exactly happened to Blockbuster.


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Jan Hoyle
We went all the time. Then it closed. But it was a hassle to get them back the next day. Netflix was so much better.
Ravenlife 1372
Cable/satellite TV are on their way out next
Tom Elliott
The fact that Netflix started with DVDs and didn't have an ageing catalogue of VHS tapes to replace probably played a small role, too?
I wasn't born when they were doing well, and they went bankrupt not too long after, so I can't say anything really.
Ernesto Lombardo
How much time did a client spend at a Blockbuster store on average per visit? I would imagine 20 and 30 minutes.
I remember spending an hour or more there sometimes, going slowly through the shelves in search of obscure gems.
This was in Mexico, where the federal government subsidized the production of many foreign and classic films on videocassette, so there was always a section with Eisenstein and Tarkovsky, Kurosawa and Satyajit Ray.
Then in the regular genre sections there were many excellent films that had fallen through the cracks at the box office, titles like Go Tell The Spartans (war drama), The Conqueror Worm (horror drama) and The Hidden (sci fi thriller), I was always on the lookout for those. Then Netflix came along with a selection of DVDs that was beyond astonishing (I live in a border town, with a PO Box on the USA side for just this sort of purpose). Just when I thought I'd never find them, here they were: My Dinner With Andre, Battle Royale, Cobra Verde, Death In Venice, Hana-Bi, Women In Love... all selections that were difficult to obtain for a long time, then readily available, now difficult again... oh, and series like The Sopranos, Deadwood, Battlestar Galactica and Northern Exposure.
Ben and Natalie Mason
There is only 1 blockbuster in Bend, Oregon.
lost IT
you should check out family video
I LOVE this channel!
david fitzpatrick
The reason Alaska is popular with Blockbuster is because in Alaska you CANT GET WIFI WHICVH IS SOMETHING NETFLIX NEEDS!
Jonathan Gillis
I miss renting movies. It was the adventure ad a kid to ride ky bike to store ajd get a movie and treats... Nowadays kids dont want to leave the house unless they have a device and wifi ......whats happening ???
Impish Misconception
I really miss Blockbuster. Like you said in your video it was an experience. I still remember the way the Blockbuster that I used to go to smelled. I remember as a kid wanting to work there as an adult not knowing what would happen to it... I do miss the experience of looking around and seeing what the new releases were and seeing all the candies and popcorn... Ugh I feel so old now.
Mordecai Goldbergmanstein
I think critical copied you
Felecia Grasty
Believe it or not, we still have a Family Video in my town! I still rent there too! 😂
Hector Benavides
Can you make a video of Uhaul
And now netflix became the first mpaa streaming service
John F
Blockbuster was basically killed by ENRON
Aah the memories of stealing my parents money
Also, BB didn't own their stores unlike Family Video so ironically, BB fell due to the very thing they provided: rent.
Ryan 64 Teresa p.
Netflix is what happened

Jeez I’m late
DominoPerson 5
Can’t believe there’s only 1 left :( I loved blockbuster when I was a little kid
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Top 10 Failed McDonald’s Products The Decline of Blockbuster...What Happened? 1 day ago   11:33

Top 10 McDonald’s Products That Failed Spectacularly

There are some McDonald’s menu items that failed miserably, believe it or not. For every Big Mac, Quarter Pounder and McNugget the fast food restaurant has released, there’s been a McLean Deluxe, Chopped Beefsteak Sandwich and McHotDog. Are there any discontinued McDonald’s products that you remember tasting? Well, let WatchMojo remind you of some McDonald’s fails you may’ve forgotten!

00:50 #10: McGratin Croquette
01:50 #9: Mighty Wings
02:49 #8: Chopped Beefsteak Sandwich
03:48 #7: McHotDog
04:37 #6: McLean Deluxe
05:41 #5: McSpaghetti
06:40 #4: Hula Burger
07:29 #3, #2 & #1???

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