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Things I Like About Korea | Why I’M In Korea - Do I Like It - Expectations - At Up-Tube.com

Things I like about Korea Why I’m in Korea - Do I like it - Expectations 2 days ago   03:54

21. there’s a bunch more so possibly a part 2 in the future! :)


Camera: sonya500
IG / SC: ewnett

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Piet Godaard
i actually never had to pay tips and tax before coming to live in USA (as European). Its just that you North Americans have to deal with it haha, and now me too ):
Rufael Maru
I like the away u express...keep it up...but can I ask u something ....?? are u ethiopian ??
Rufael Maru
are u ethiopian?...I like the away express is amazing..keep it
Kialala Ra
이뻐요. Ha.
hello ewnet teacher!!!
Fax Jama
Beautiful sister❤❤
omer ali
are you from somalia?
hi can you do a day in the life vid? i'm thinking of doing chungdam/aclipse and would love to see what it's like for you ❤
Hello! I will like to know your procedure and process of moving to South Korea please! I'm thinking of moving myself but I'm not sure of all the legal terms..
Wifi access everywhere does sound nice. Love the video Ewnett!
Babes what hair products do you use? Your curls are gorgeous mashallah!
Iffat Siddiqui
Where do you eat your eyebrows done please? I’m planning on coming to teach English too, but my biggest fear is how I’ll get my EYEBROWS doneeeee😭😭😭
Hi I'm new to your channel and absolutely loving your videos! I was wondering if you're teaching at a Hagwon or if you applied via Epik
Hi! Thanks so much for making these videos. I’m in the process of applying to teach in Korea with Aclipse so I literally just watched all of your videos in one sitting. I hope it’s ok but I have a question for you

Did you buy a separate phone card for a Korean phone company or anything? Or do you just use your provider from back home? Normally when I travel I have my phone on airplane mode and just use WiFi but that’s for like a few weeks. I’m just not sure what would be a smarter option.

Sorry I just thought of another question, when you buy things do you normally use cash or card? Like is there places that don’t take cards?
Middle of Somewhere
So helpful!!! I’m moving there in a little over a month so this is good to know 👍
Sarah Sivak
I am looking into teaching english in Korea and I just have a couple questions!
Did you get TEFL certified before you found your job in Korea? And if so, where did you get certified?
Was it easy to find a job in Korea?
I would love to see a video about the whole process and how you ended up in Korea!
Dawit F. Amanu
I like your videos. They helped me know Korea before I moved to Busan. And all the things i heard from your videos are true! Demo konjiye nesh!
Taye Asfaw
👏👏👌 perfect like your idea, am experiencing the same . No tax 😘
There is a tax on food at grocery stores and convenience stores. Not restaurants
angel ariyatilaka
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Why I’m in Korea - Do I like it - Expectations Things I like about Korea 2 days ago   10:58

03. It’s been just over 6 weeks since I’ve moved to Korea and haven’t posted an actual update, so here it is (mom).

Here’s why I moved, what I’m doing, how I’m doing and some expectations I had and/or didn’t have for Korea.

I also just uploaded a video I shot on the same day on 10 unusual things that are normal in Korea, check errr outttt :)

camera: sonya500
IG / SC: ewnett