10 Impossible Goals Scored By Lionel Craziest Reactions on Lionel Messi 2 years ago   06:06

Those goals are impossible for Cristiano Ronaldo to score, enjoy it!

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If you are the fan of CR7 so hit the like button..and guys Ronaldo is the best football player in the world and no one better than him ... he is awesome and better than all football players
Puja chetry Dahal
He is real pro
Antony Perepadan
The ball seems unwilling to part with those feet
Title....will never ever scored...Lol...
Aman negi
I want to become a small Messi
Dr Naidu
Manoj Kesavan
OMG my
Alex Alex
Absolutely magesterial!
appu bineesh
Prince of dribbling
Sonu Banchhor
Unbelievable goals
Flaco :O
Kay: That’s insane bro
Bhaskar S
Messi : Approaching goal with the ball
Goalkeeper : Shit!! this guy again
Abdul Rasid
You are a laiyer.
This goals are very easy for Ronaldo .
And any player can do it
Nepali Gang
messi dont know how to play football
the number 1 goal (and 9) is not a goal, its sheer poetry....
Abhra Bhati
Ronaldo can score
Albania Vushtrri
Jai Auvers
3:31 no fue cuando el bocón de Neuer dijo que le iba a demostrar a Messi quien es el jefe? xD
Dj Gamer x
Chutiya messi
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Craziest Reactions on Lionel Messi 10 Impossible Goals Scored By Lionel 2 years ago   03:22

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