10 Impossible Goals Scored By Lionel Craziest Reactions on Lionel Messi 1 year ago   06:06

Those goals are impossible for Cristiano Ronaldo to score, enjoy it!

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Comments 2755 Comments

Mithlesh Choudhary
Messy messy
Nirbhay Singh
I love you Lionel Messi...
lol chuzho
2:28 You can't call one of the best player in the world "LITTLE MAN"
shiv dubey
Maha bakwas
Edwin Dumlao
Prasad Vaskar
Cristiano has scored more sensational goals than this. Wtf is this😂
Rawish Lalta
Ronaldo is good but Messi is verygood Ronaldo is good but Messi is the best Ronaldo is good Messi is god
Fiza Khan
I dont wnt to hear that messi is good in front of ronaldo
The difference btwn ronaldo fans and messi fans.......comment pls
chadda Nawaaab
cr7 is best
Dope GamingYT
See messi has some things that cr7 is may not be perfect but also cr7 have done things that messi have never done so don't be like he is superior both are exceptional players
Stranger Man
Messi is an another level
Focsa Victor
The title should be: Things that only Messi can do. Stop talkin about Ronaldo in same line with Messi. It s unfair for Messi to be compared to Ronaldo. Cristiano is a very good stryker and he should be compared to zlatan, leva and others great strykers. Messi is one of the best strykers, one of the best playmakers, one of the best dribblers and so on. He is at his own level. He is fearless and even when he is tackle hard beside that he is small he always try to go for the ball no mather what. That s the spirit who break defenders who try to put him down. That s the last weapon of any defender and when that dosn t work the pressure is on the defender. Genius, sublime, fearless.
Danny's gaming
I love how everyone is comparing these two. Their both one of the best soccer players in history yet their only human as ourselves. Each of them has their own talent. So it's quite unnecessary to compare them. Ronaldo has scored goals Messi will never score, Messi has scored goal Ronaldo will never score. They have both a lot of things in common with us :

*They cry
*they have feelings
*they bleed
*their humans like us
*They get hurt by hate comments too 🙄
Aiger Acabanei
1:36 They are relaxed like they know Messi will score.
Nasiruddin Mission
more goals Ronaldo has. that Messi didn't score in his dream also, 😂 and he will not ever😂😂
Sami gaming pro
Both are legend why compare....

How many likes can he get
Lionel Messi is the best ever player of Club Football history and Pele is best player of International football history
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Craziest Reactions on Lionel Messi 10 Impossible Goals Scored By Lionel 1 year ago   03:22

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