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Summer Anime 2019 In A Nutshell | Bear Grylls Reviews Survival - At Up-Tube.com

Summer Anime 2019 in a Nutshell Bear Grylls Reviews Survival 2 days ago   14:32

There wasn't enough Isekai this season. Yes I know I'm late.
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Intro song: Super Riser by Nanidato

Edited by: Bakashift
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Mukoto Sanada 01
Wait... Astra is the company my father worked to... FUCK, HE WENT TO THE SPACE... THAT'S WHY HE DIDN'T COME BACK TO HOME SINCE YESTERDAY
Milfsekai! Milfsekai! Milfsekai! Milfsekai! Milfsekai!
Josephuu Joestar
There isnt just a jojos character in doctor stone.... Theres a jojos voice actor of that character....
Viperdmk Viperdmk
These were my reactions when I listened to Mukanjyo(Vineland Saga’s Opening):

First time: Oh wait, This band was in banana Fish, so badass

Second time: This is epic

Third time: *I’ve paid my dues, I’ve sold my soul, so tell me what is left for me when I’ve given up everything?*
your average gamer
Milsekai there give me subscriber
i like anime
5:00, 7:51,7:55,8:35
im a simple man
I see jojo
I click
Please give Astra lost in space a chance it’s really good! I went and read the manga and once you go back to the manga or the anime and you know who it is, it throws your whole perspective into a fucking blender and the ending is so beautiful. The plot twists aren’t too out there but enough to make you go oh shit fuck damn really? And then the way the characters handle certain situations is really amazing to see. It’s not as great as demon slayer, but I found Astra lost in space more attractive because there was something new every week and even though it’s like new planet, each planet was so different, each situation and issue was so different, and it made me go back to my 7 year old self watching Star Wars and Star Trek for the first time. Please give it a try.
Yakoub Barcelona10
isekai is my fav genre after shounen and comedy
but few shows of it are actually good and lot of it are trash
and its getting butchered
when will konosuba and NGNL comeback to save us FFS
07:30 that cartman hahahaaa i canttt hahahaahah
I for one welcome our new Isekai Overlords. (Including Overlord).
My body is ready!
Shut up and take my money!
Yeah.. baby.. that's the stuff.. just hook it up to my veins.

Now if only they'd make them actually good more often. I'd say Arifureta is a solid 8/10, Demon Lord Retry is at least a 6/10, Danmachi is 7/10, If it was for my daughter I'd even defeat a demon lord 6/10, and Isekai Cheat Magician is like a 3/10. Absolute garbage but still watchable... if you are into the most generic crap possible that is still not stomach turningly bad. Oh and Milfsekai which is essentially a 6/10 too. (completely average with a bonus point for hot milfs).

My favorites are actually Demon Lord Retry, and If it was for my Daughter.
I don't think they are particularly high quality tho. I just enjoyed them more.
Although I'm also digging Arifureta too.. since it has better quality and is much darker and edgier.

Oh great.. all the ones I like are thinly veiled loli fanservice..... well anyway...
I watched a LOT of isekai recently, and I like all of them, though they aren't particularly good.
Even Danmachi wasn't that great... and I consider it to be more mainstream and higher quality.
I'm just not that into it since they took forever to make the second season and did that horrible spin-off in between. And as hot as Hestia is, and as cool as that show is.. I just can't get behind pussy shota protagonists. I really just hate them... a lot. Though Bell-kun is one of the best by far.. so I don't hate him as much. Still super lame tho.
Why the Hell would I want to fantasize that I'm some lame 15 year old or younger? Gross... It's just fanservice for shota feitshists.
After seeing the first episode I decided to read the Arifureta ln and I really liked it, I recommed it.
eddie tng wei ming
what is the song title for that"train train" i fogorogot
You know the price of oil got higher so truck-kun didnt show up to bring them to another world
Kailyn Wood
god, every single video this guy produces is best fucking video ever
Char The Red Comet Aznable
That Cartman segment had me laughing 🤣🤣🤣
Heiwa is beautiful
Anime itself is a isekai
I mean, the Fate offerings are rather meager, indeed.

I need more UMU in my life. UMU I tell you!
꧁༺꧂ Nate Higgers ꧁༻꧂
“Fire Force is the best anime this season!”

Kyoto Anime: “NO”
Noggin Games
Bruh the openings for the Milfsekai and Fire Force bops
Devan Falcon
Next season has gotta make up for the missing lolis and imoutos
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