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Haunted House Scarers Share | Unexplainable Creepy Things People - At Up-Tube.com

Haunted House Scarers Share Unexplainable Creepy Things People 2 days ago   14:09

The funniest creepy answers, responses and top posts chosen from this r/Askreddit thread. Subscribe if you liked it!

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Music from https://filmmusic.io:
"Midnight Tale" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)
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Dhiya Thifalni Qurratul'ain
lol I remember hearing an interesting story from my upperclassman.

I went to a boarding school back in middle school, and at the end of the student orientation there is a tradition of Test of Courage which basically just the new students walking in haunted houses but instead of "houses" we're walking around the dormitory and school areas at night, sometimes stopping at certain "posts" to answer questions about school or dormitory trivia that has been introduced to us all week, with some of the High School student council (our school consists of both middle school and high school) and teachers dressing up as ghosts etc. and became scarers.

So, in my upperclassman' freshman year, there is this one male teacher who dressed up as a Pocong (a ghost from Indonesia which is basically a 'corpse' who is wrapped in white cloth with both ends [over the head and under the feet] tied up which makes the ghost can't move beside jumping around). When my upperclassman arrives at a certain place, this 'pocong' comes up before her and obstructing the narrow path. When she walk a step to the right, he jump to his left, obstructing her, when she walk a step to the left, he jump to his right, obstructing her again. It just goes like tgat for several minutes until eventually, she was pissed off and just punched the "pocong" in the face and go to her next post, not caring who the "pocong" might be.

The next day, class has started, and it just so happened that that teacher teach one of her class that day. Of course, at first she did not know that he was the "Pocong" that she punched, but the teacher enter the class with a bruised face, and of course some of the student asked what happened to him. He told the students what happened, saying that he also did not know who was it that punched him because the lighting was poor at the time, and all with good humor says that it is also a good lesson for him to not annoy someone doing a Test of Courage too much. I'm pretty sure that she never told the teacher that she was the one who punched him. 👊🏼🤣
I worked for a haunted house once, we set it up in the auditorium of our school so we could use the huge black curtains for the structure of it, so when the lights were turned down the wall almost looked like they were eating the light. We also had two settings for the haunted house, one for little kids >4 where we'd go easy on them, and then one where our goal was to make them piss themselves. I was in charge of running through each of the areas to let them know which versions to do and I'd run through and around the black curtains in all black including one of those faceless masks, and was functionally invisible. So every now and then I'd switch off with someone else and what I'd do was sneak around the curtain and tap on someones shoulder and move out of their line of sight right after doing it so that they never figured out what was happening. Some of those reactions still bring a smile to my face 13 years later.
Best I’ve got isn’t even from me I was walking with a group and a mom grabbed the kid just to mess with his and he yells “holy fuck mom” mom smacked the shit out of him
Paul Dozier
Man, I miss haunted houses. We use to go to Hangman's often. But now that I'm older and walk with a cane, I don't want to diminish the other partons experiences while they have to get stuck behind my big slow lumbering person.
A lot of fun memories though!
Alexis Hampton
I slapped a vampire... poor guy looked so disappointed.
Yutah Andrei Ogawa
Huh. Good music!
Gyygfg Drtttrrhgdd
I've seen another video with the same exact comments, maybe they are copying from here or this channel is copying from them.
Bryan Williams
I worked In a haunted house once at my school. As I am quite large and my school only goes up to 6 grade and then you’re a high schooler I was often confused for teachers. I dressed up in a creepy doll costume, kinda like mimikyu( look it up ) and so I’d say things I a creepy voice. My two best skills are standing perfectly still( I’m a god at hide and seek ) and saying things ina creepy voice. People would look around and wonder where it was coming from, and id lightly touch them in the calf. Most people would think it was a fly, so they’d look back and see me standing right behind them. I am also very good at walking 100% silent. This is literally what I was born for. My friends called me Nightmare for a few months after that
Christopher Parks
My whole family habitually scared the fucking shit out of me every day of my life for several years when i was young. My life was essentually a haunted house. I live on an old farm surrounded by woods. So yeah haunted houses have absolutely no impact on me. I still enjoy them, don't know why though.
My cousin punched someone.
My older sister and i and some other girl that was with us (around my age) went into the haunted house at luna park. I was fucking shitting my pants halfway in the house and my sister was laughing the whole time. She asked one of the scarers if there was a backdoor exit or something because i was literally shaking at this point. So this tall bald zombie guy stopped acting, stood up properly and said "yeah no worries just follow me round here" i felt so safe by then, for some reason i gave him a hug and then we left. I was 13 so when i go again im finISHING THAT FUCKING HAUNTED HOUSE WITH NO HESITATION !
Alpha Centauri
Octonauts /Young Recruites of Hydra

Dippin Dot Pawz Skittles
0:36 That's Probably What I Would Do In The Same Situation If Im Being Honest
Milton Aliff
I worked in one, waited till two older, fortish women came in, I had a six foot rubber snake and dropped it on them from overhead, you should have heard the screaming while the other one smacked the heck out of her trying to get it off her friends shoulders
bro whats up with the sad music for this one lol
Meghan Godman
The first year I was a scare actor, I made a man so bad his voice went into the high octaves, and a fight actually began bc some dude and his gf were fucked up out their minds, and dude decked my boss then was slammed into a wall hard enough it left a large hole in the wall.
OK, well... H E C T O M E T E R S
Daniel Johnson
I accidentally made an old woman piss herself. I was a volunteer dressed as Jason And I popped around the corner and I looked down and I saw a puddle.
Solarstorm flare
I went to a university haunted house pop up space with my friends, and it was terrifying. There was a section where you had to walk past an actor covered in blood staring at you with only like a metre's space between them and the wall, and I just...froze. My friends rushed past him and I was stuck, unwilling to move for like a minute haha
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Unexplainable Creepy Things People Haunted House Scarers Share 2 days ago   13:17

The creepiest answers, responses and top posts chosen from this r/Askreddit thread. Subscribe if you liked it!

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Music from https://filmmusic.io:
"Midnight Tale" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)
Licence: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)