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What does it mean to call yourself an American Downhiller? Starting with Bill Johnson’s brash personality and unapologetic style in the mid 80s, Americans have always felt like they’ve had something to prove in Europe where the sport’s biggest names are immortalized by legions of fans and constant media attention – all while being able to escape back to home when things get to be too much.

The brotherhood of today’s American Downhillers pays homage to the spirit of legends like Johnson, Tommy Moe, and Daron Rahlves while also forging a new team identity that prioritizes cooperation and friendship that in recent years has allowed the team to flourish into one of the most formidable squads on the World Cup. Join us this winter as we take an inside look into just what makes the fastest Americans on two skis tick in our new web series: American Downhiller, presented by POC.

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please don't make us wait very long for ep2. i subed.
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The American Downhiller: Bode Miller The American Downhiller: Introduction 1 day ago   13:11

Two overall World Cup crystal globes, six World Cup discipline titles, six Olympic medals, five World Championship medals, 33 World Cup wins, and a whole lot of fun along the way. The career of Bode Miller was many things, but boring definitely wasn't one of them. Brash and controversial at times, Miller's approach to the sport of ski racing was a much needed breath of fresh air for fans around the world so used to the machine-like precision of the juggernauts of the sport during the 1990s and early 2000s.

In episode six of The American Downhiller presented by POC, Miller and his family, teammates, and coaches open up about just what made him the most successful male U.S. ski racer of all time.

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