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Tragedy In The Hornby Island Bald | Tragedy In A Barn Owls Nest - At Up-Tube.com

Tragedy in the Hornby Island Bald Tragedy in a Barn Owls Nest 2 days ago   04:08

May 11, 2009: Early this morning Echo, the second chick, somehow got entangled in Mom's feathers. Mom tried to release her, to no avail. Finally, she flew off, and when she returned, Echo was gone. Very sad.

Watch the live stream here:


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If you're going to be dumb....you got to be tough. And then there was one.
Jorge Pinheiro
. .
Ohhh nooooo!!! 😭😢
Noele Sewell
The eaglet could have been stuck with part of the yolk, poop or whatever, the mom tried desperately to get the eaglet off but she has no hands, what she was doing was scraping it on sticks, hovering, anything to get it loose. Its tragic it really is.
Любовь Широкова
Вот беда приключилась с птенчиком. Жаль!
Luiz Carlos
Boa tarde.
Janice Place
a horrible accident .......
lorenlors2 2
I like the one in the best but I don't like the baby out of the nest
Jamie Koering
I hate to say this but Eagles aren't the brightest birds out there. I guarantee you that a peregrine falcon would have figured out what to do. So sad though.
How did that happen?
Aaron Leon
Brother was like "Ain't that a bitch, poor....poor lil' tink tink"
Tennessee PATRIOT
Poor mom was so upset!!
Soma Cruz
The other chick is just chilling out the entire time.
California Love
should have never posted this your a sick person
godzillagtg 121
Tou Xiong
What if she ate the chick
Nina K
wielka szkoda :(
vato diablo
good thing they cant talk...coz explaining that to dad would be a bummer
vato diablo
how did this chick possibly get tangled in her mothers feathers
I see the remaining eaglet smiling. What did it do?
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Tragedy in a Barn Owls Nest Tragedy in the Hornby Island Bald 2 days ago   02:13

This is the sad story of a Barn Owl nest in Olympia, Washington. Two Barn Owls have mated and laid several eggs. Three of the eggs have hatched, and several weeks later, the smallest owlet dies. The other two survive, but a horrible thing happens. An animal (not the parents!) attacks the owlets. They are seriously injured, but for now one manages to hang on. (He died a few days later.)

No one saw the attack, which happened at night. The tragedy was immediately reported to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, which put up the nest box and streamed the video to thousands of viewers. Someone thought the parent had attacked, and in my ignorance I included that false information in the video. After training in wildlife rehab, I learned that a Barn Owl would never attack his/her offspring.

So why do I leave the video up? To illustrate the very difficult lives of wildlife. Thousands of injured animals are brought to our wildlife hospital each year. Their habitats are shrinking, and many have been polluted. Competition for food and territory is extremely high. Some species are now extinct.

Through organizations such as Audubon and The Nature Conservancy, wildlife habitats are being restored, albeit slowly. We can all help, though our donations, votes, volunteer work, etc.