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The Downfall Of Jeffree Star And James | Trying Dollar Tree Makeup - At Up-Tube.com

The Downfall of Jeffree Star and James Trying Dollar Tree Makeup 1 day ago   10:39

Ashlye Kyle
Today’s video were are going to be discussing the downfall of the friendship between Jeffree Star ⭐️ and James Charles. Are they still friends? After the Tati drama? The Met Gala? James Charles losing subscribers like crazy? What went on behind the scenes that we just don’t know? Let me know your thoughts down below!

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Ashlye Kyle
Also I want to ask, what do you think happened behind the scenes that we are not privy too? 👀 Let me know! 👇🏼
Blue Fox
Geez these people have so much drama!
AlexthePatato #1
honestly Jeffree Star is much better than JAmes Charles
Yifei Zhan
I can't put up with when Tati was trying to get James' mother involved. If my mother was questioned for some drama I'd literally crash down and burn up.
Neko Taemin
I don’t know how they can ever be friends again. When someone accuses you of being a sexual predator and has no proof to back it up and admits he had no real proof to why he said what he said besides people talking in his ear. That’s something big and i don’t think anyone would want to be friends with someone who says that about them so easily without any proof.
YoIt's Alan
Gurl, jeffery is a predator too, he believes that his boyfriend is straight bu he turned him into gay. GURL BYEEEE.
Tati went after James because he didn't promote her vitamins. He promoted someone else's and it upset her . Instead of giving James time to right it she cut ties then went for his throat. Basically accusing him of being a predator when in fact he's just going after men he's attracted to. And yes they'll go after him too because he's a person with money or a celebrity if you will and he's a nice looking young man.
That waiter said in his video he's bi curious, he even called James and went to his hotel. So who actually went after who? Tati's wrong , watch she'll get backlash from this once people realize what she's really done.
And Jeffery Star needs to be careful , if I were him I'd just say I love everyone wish everyone well let's do our makeup and try to stay out of the crossfire that's about to erupt. So far James has been calm after being attacked he's most likely hurt, even in a state of shock but when he realizes what she's really done to him he might come up swinging and land a huge blow. And she kind of deserves it. Jeffrey should stand back so he doesn't take any hits. People are trying their darndest to drag him into it.
Jeffrey's video throws shade both ways, he's telling Tati things should've been handled in private and James to be more careful how he goes about looking for a bf. But he also says EVERYONE makes mistakes meaning Tati, James and himself have all made mistakes and we're to learn from them. He's trying to stay neutral, that's where he should be "neutral"
Maybe you guys should check out Jeffree Star and his tweets that he is posted throughout that has just been found about how he wants to know how big Justin Bieber's dick is and Justin Bieber was only a teenager at the time how did Jeffree Star claims the majority of the men he's been with or straight etc etc there's a video on YouTube and it's also on Twitter
Elaine Lat
There's an awful lot of ugliness in the beauty industry 🙅🙅🙅
Bianca Guerra
I don't understand what NOBODY is understanding. Youtube invited him to the met gala. Alexander " invited him to be dressed by him. Hello.
Angelic being
boys have worn makeup from the beginning of time I grew up in the eighties many men wire makeup what makes this shit bird so famous and rich for it and everything thing in his energy field vibrates snake age aside shit ball people are the same from birth they never change when people grow up they don't change they just hide it better
Makz Ded
Oh it's not speculation anymore hunnty! Lol
Courtney Marks
Waaaait a minute....you uploaded 11 mins ago and already 1200 comments?! Hmm...maybe I will never be first with those odds!! Love you Ash! 😘
Lillie Tave
I seen Jeffrey’s boyfriend and he is not Gorgeous. I think Nate didn’t want them over there because Jeffrey was making Google eyes at James lol. And he was doing the same thing Jeffree star it’s all on Twitter but they’re pulling out the receipts . He did worse Jeffrey Starr and nobody’s going after him and wonder why! She talks about predatory behavior he very careful how you throw that word around he has not been a convicted of any crime. If you’re curious to find out if you gay or not don’t see somebody else. This video is something backstabbing people backstabbing friends just to get ahead in life. Remember they are small kids on this and you have to be very careful what you put out there very harsh
Dirty Durhams
I’m new to this channel.... and idk who you arrreeeee bish but I live!! ❤️
sas h
do u read wrong? he said invited bye youtube.. dressed by alexander wang..
Tarleah Jade
Because he's an egotistical entitled up himself backstabbing person. How sad.
Idk why I keep watching these things. It's like watching soap operas all over again. All of these youtube makeup people are shady drama queens, some just own it more (Mr. Starr, eyes on you.). lmao. James Charles is like the little-kid one. Still not mature enough to deal with it. He looks and acts like a petulant child caught with his hands in the cookie jar trying to fake cry his way out of punishment.. Like my ex-fiance when I found out his best guy friend wasn't a guy, or a friend. And I really don't think I've seen a single MUA on youtube who wasn't. That includes Tati. She seems faker than Dolly Parton's left tit. A humble-bragger, and a low-key attention ho. How Folks don't see that is beyond me. Maybe because the general age group watching this stuff go down in younger, and hasn't really caught on to the ways of a more subtle attention seeker.
Vee Sea
I think James meant to say (in the video) that he was being *dressed* by Wang, not "invited".
jaidy ramirez
I love your videos so much you actually talk and read everything i can listen while I’m doing something and I don’t have to read everything in 5 secs Ike other YouTube Channels. You have a new subscriber
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