Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Bristol Speedway Goes Dirt 5 months ago   44:45

The 19th Annual Rockstar Energy Drink Show-Me 100 presented by DART Machinery from Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, MO. featured on the CBS Sports Spectacular. Late Model Dirt Track Racing.

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Dwayne Hurst
I like dirt track raceing it's amazing
9:08 A Fat Lady with a Cigarette in her hand, The EXACT Stereotype Of a DLM Fan.... 😂😂😂
Tim Creasman
Tv time and you forget your sponsors that may end badly
Joel LaJuett
I've spent my last 40 years of summers at the local dirt tracks. No better way to make a small fortune in racing.... as long as you start with a big fortune!
from shit
bahaha f you Blomquist !!!
Austin Goodman
I race gocarts it is hard won 3 races tho
tom ashton
Ive been a fan of circle track racing since I was teenager even had a street stock what piss,s me off is nobody talks about cubic inches and the rules when your watching a race NASCAR, its 358 cubic inches and make 900 hp but toss the engine in the trash after two races, and dirt late models where I live make about 750 on alky on a 3/8 track and they run big inch small blocks.
Dat Duck
Janjooon Janjooon
All of
there needs to be a PS4 Lucas oil game. Since Iracing has the WOO liscense.
Stacy Welch
if wasnt for West Plains Motor Speedway there wouldnt be a Show Me 100
Angel Praxel
Scott Bloomquist
Daniel Smith
$30000 for the winner? Not nearly enough.. who's hogging the money?
Kasey Canada
my favorite late model driver is Jimmy Owen's
Wyatt Jackson
I have seen every race in real life and been in some of the cars
helenjesus777 oarr
Harrison Armstrong
Ethan Bayne
WOW not what I expected
Ty Bohannon
I used to go to Jimmy Owens races in crossville
Manny Foxgiven
great finish! my first time watching dirt track! Im hooked!
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Bristol Speedway Goes Dirt Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt 5 months ago   12:42

UDTRA Super Late Models 30 Lap Feature paying $10,000 to Win , Bristol Motor Speedway goes Dirt in 2001